Benefits of Drinking More Water in a Day


The times are so crazily busy that we literally need apps to remind us to drink water. As the benefits and importance of drinking water surface, business opportunities emerge for custom water bottle companies.

Water makes up 65% of our body weight

We know that drinking water allows you to hydrate and it is essential that we keep our bodies hydrated as there are many diseases related to less water intake.

Benefits of Drinking Water
Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is an ally for weight loss

By drinking more water, especially a little before the meal, you feel full and you are less tempted to throw yourself on the food. An important fact that we ignore too often: often hunger actually corresponds to a disguised need to drink water. Surprisingly, right? In addition, water helps drain the body and eliminate toxins! In short, water has everything to take care of its line naturally and simply!

Water helps to remove dark circles

What if these ugly marks are still visible after makeup? Drink plenty of water to remove dark circles once and for all.

Buying expensive creams and concealers due to a lack of water? If a few more drinks help get rid of these enemies we’ve been fighting for so long, we’re not going to wait any longer.

Water preserves mental capacities

Water is mainly used to fight against memory problems, especially when you get older. With good hydration, you can limit the risk of Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease. On the contrary, not drinking enough has detrimental effects on a short memory.

Water is a very good natural laxative and fights against constipation and other digestion problems

Digestive issues are the number one cause of doctor consultation for women. What if, instead of spending a fortune on medicine or eating excess rice, bananas, prunes (depending on our allergies), we just drank a little more water? It’s worth a try!

Water helps you sleep well

Well, we do not say to drink a bottle of water just before going to bed especially for those who tend to wake up at night to go to the restroom. No, what we mean by that is that a well-hydrated body will tend to find and follow these sleep cycles naturally, without the disturbances experienced by a dehydrated body. So to sleep well, make sure to drink at least 1.5 liters of water, throughout the day!

Water reduces signs of aging

Hydration is the skin’s first anti-aging product. Of course, you immediately think of moisturizing cosmetics, but the best cream can do nothing if you do not drink enough. Hydrate yes, but first, from the inside.

Water ensures the maintenance of libido and fights against impotence

Trouble in bed? It may just be due to dehydration. Here, we think of the psychiatric sessions which ruined us for nothing whereas the remedy was perhaps just a bottle of water.

Water helps to eliminate addiction to tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, and drugs

We are on the verge of nothing at all to have what is called “healthy living”. Yes, really, that’s almost it. Our lifestyles are ruined and we don’t eat healthily. We further exacerbate the condition by consuming alcohol and doing drugs.

Water makes us more efficient

Stretching out at the gym or going up the stairs? Let’s drink! Water clearly improves physical capacities. Consumed in sufficient quantity, water makes the heartbeat better thanks to its action on the fluidity of the blood, which also improves the oxygen supply to the muscles. That’s not all, it lowers the body temperature during exercise, which preserves the joints. We will thank each other at 70 when we suffer a little less from arthritis than the neighbor.

Anti-aging: Drinking too little can have a negative effect on your complexion

You can cream as much as you want if the skin does not get moisture from the inside, you will quickly look old. If you drink too little water, the skin dries up. We need water to look plump and fresh, or to fill in wrinkles.

Drinking water detoxifies

Water flushes toxins and waste products out of our bodies and supports the liver and kidneys in their work. If these two organs can no longer work properly, there is a kind of poisoning. Especially if we smoke and drink alcohol or a lot of caffeine, we need extra water. Even with a high protein diet, we have to drink more because the kidneys produce more urine.

No redder, dry eyes

Our eyes are almost 99% water! Contact lenses, cell phone screens or too much computer work can dry your eyes. Drinking plenty of water makes red and dry eyes shine again!

Poor concentration? Drinking enough helps!

Fatigue and lack of concentration are a few symptoms if our brain does not get enough water. In general, we tend to go for coffee, but unfortunately, this is exactly the wrong approach. Always drink a large glass of water first, which supports concentration better than caffeine.

Drink 3 liters a day and get better bones

The apparently firm tissue of the bones is made up of almost 22% water. If you drink too little water, your body starts to get this water from wherever it can get it – even from your bones. This can result in osteoporosis or bone loss. This can be avoided by drinking more water.

Drink more power while exercising through water

Well-trained muscles consist of 75% water. In order for them to remain efficient, regenerate and grow quickly, we need water. Too little of it triggers cramps and pain. Regeneration also takes longer.

Water eliminates bad breath

Not to be confused with morning breath but water has the power of eliminating bad breath. The fumes from our stomach’s acid rise up to our throat and give a very bad smell. Drinking enough water can make the bad odors go away while also strengthening your immune system.


  • The first signs of water deficiency are heartburn, poor concentration, tiredness, feeling hungry, headache, neck pain, bad mood, bad breath, or joint pain. So don’t always drink when you’re thirsty – it’s usually too late.
  • Take a water bottle with you wherever you go and put a large jug of water on your desk.
  • You can also eat water! It is best to incorporate many water-rich foods, such as raw vegetables and fruits, into the menu.
  • Juices or other drinks do not count! Avoid energy drinks completely and drink two glasses of water with every cup of coffee, because caffeine removes water from the body. Better: drink green tea.

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