Sites Like Putlockers 2023 to Watch Movies online on Putlocker Alternative Sites


Putlockers was a free online movie and video streaming website on which you can watch all the latest movies and television shows. The website was free of charge which means that you do not have to worry about anything and simply download all the latest shows and movies. It was similar to Netflix and various other online streaming services. The original website Sites like Putlocker has changed its domain name multiple time in the past. By using the services of Putlocker you will be able to enjoy any TV series of movies online.

Sites like Putlockers
Sites like Putlocker

The website was started in 2011 and originated from the United Kingdom. The website was a success and received millions of visitors daily after Megaupload was shut down. In May 2016, after the Order from UK High Court, the website was blocked and it was at its peak at the time. It was also listed among the top 250 most visited websites in the world by Alexa Internet. The Motion Picture Association of America reported Putlocker as a major movie piracy threat.

What is Putlocker and is it Safe and Legal to Watch Movies Online?

Putlocker is a free online streaming movie website where you can find hundreds and thousands of movies and television shows. If you cannot afford the costly subscription to watch these shows then you can use the help of Putlocker and enjoy the shows. 2023 was very famous but got blocked after the order from the High Court of the United  Kingdom due to the piracy threat. After being shut down for a small time, sites like Putlocker came online again by changing its domain name.

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You might be wondering as to why Putlocker it so popular even though the high court banned it. Well, the obvious reason for this is because you can use it to watch movies and television shows for free. Nowadays there are so many online streaming services and they retain the rights to the show. If you want to watch various shows then you need to get a subscription for all of them which can be costly. So instead of spending too much money on them, you can simply watch it for free on Putlocker.

Sites like Putlocker to Watch Movies Online

While some of you might be wondering as to why you should look for an alternative for Putlockers if they start working again. It is because Putlocker is always under watch and it gets blocked from time to time. In order to watch your favorite show without any interruption, you need to look for an alternative which can provide you a  similar interface. So here is the list of 11 Best sites like Putlocker on which you can enjoy your favorite shows.

  1. Yesmovies

Website –

YesMovies is another great option for you where you can download and watch movies. It contains movies from all the genre which ensure that you spend your time watching the watch One punch man season 3 you like. If you have used Netflix then its interface will not be a problem for you.

  1. Megashare

Megashare is one of the most popular names in the streaming services as you can find a wide range of movies and tv shows options on it. There are various famous movies and shows from all over the world which means that you can enjoy all your favorite shows no matter where you are from. The interface of the website is simple and you won’t face any issues.

  1. Solarmovie

Website –

Solarmovie is another great alternative for you on which you can watch thousands of movies and television shows. You can search and filter movies by country, genre, year, and most popular content. While you need to be aware of the ads which are available on all free websites.

  1. 123Movies

Website –

123Movies is one of the websites which you might have already used. It is another popular website to stream movies and television shows. You can bookmark your favorite movie or show and start them again from there. You can also find popular movies in certain regions to find good content.

  1. PutlockerHD

Website –

As the name suggests PutlockerHD is a copy of the website where you can find an instant update of movies and tv shows. You can find various details about the movies and its ratings which helps you find good content.

  1. Popcornflix

Website –

It is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker as you can find high-quality shows and movies on the website. They have fast loading speed on their website which means you can enjoy a premium result.

  1. Go Movies

Website –

Go Movies is also amongst the popular choice for the alternative of Putlocker. It has a large collection and you can easily search for the most popular movies without any troubles. You can also leave a comment under the movie which helps other users to get detailed information.

  1. Snag Films

If you are looking for the free online streaming site then it is a great choice for you. It has a smaller collection of movies as compare sites like Putlocker on this list but all the content is available in high quality.

  1. Openload FreeTV

Website –

Openload FreeTv offers various movies and TV shows along with animations on their website. You can enjoy high-quality content on the website. It uploads all the latest content and shows which will ensure that you enjoy a premium experience.

  1. WatchOnSeries

If you like to just start a new show or watch some movies then WatchOnSeries is a great option for you. You can just start a new show and watch till the time you are satisfied. You can watch a Watch Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna or a drama to some actions shows.

  1. Los Movies

Website –

LosMovies has 3000 pages full of movies and TV shows where you won’t have any shortage of content. You can simply visit the website. it is best sites like Putlocker and search for the movie that you want to watch.

So these are some of the best websites which you can use instead of Putlocker. All you need to do is visit these websites and use the one which provides the most convenient services.

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Some words about Site like Putlocker by Viraldigimedia

All of them are great options for you if you want to stream the television shows. You can enjoy the shows and movies from various countries and even enjoy the latest release from Hollywood. Streaming movies and television shows on the internet is a trend nowadays and you can watch the latest premiers online. So Putlocker is not the only option available anymore and you can use any of these Putlocker alternative websites to watch your favorite show. Make sure that you use a VPN when you use these websites for a safe and secure connection.

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