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Burned-out headlights are a major safety issue on your vehicle. If you’re in a hurry or just realized that your headlights aren’t working, you need a quick way to order new bulbs. Compare common ways to get new headlights and find out how to easily order the correct options when you buy online pick up in store. Don’t let a burned-out bulb ruin your day, but find all the parts and assistance you need to swap it out and continue driving safely.

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Fastest Ways To Get New Headlights for Car

Why AutoZone’s Buy Online Pick up in Store Can You Save You Time & Money

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to browse a store or discuss the correct bulb option with a local store representative, buying online can be a much more convenient option. Browse bulb options and order a headlight bulb from the comfort of your home, any time of day. Once your order is processed, you simply need to stop by your local auto parts store to pick up your new bulbs.

Online shopping makes it easy to search an entire catalog of parts and find the exact one that fits your make and model of vehicle. This process allows you to search for brands and styles that may not be available at your local store, so you have a wider range of options.

Of course, shipping time and costs can make online shopping less convenient than stopping by your local store. Combine the best of both worlds by buying online and picking it up at your convenience at your local auto parts store. Even one-day or two-day shipping can still take more time than simply driving to your nearest auto parts store location. The money you’ll save on shipping costs allows you to invest in higher quality bulbs or additional accessories.

Be sure to enter the make and model of your vehicle before shopping online. Purchase two new headlights whenever it’s time to replace one. Even if one headlight is still working properly, it’s usually nearing the end of its life if the other bulb isn’t working anymore.

How To Know If You Need New Headlight Bulbs

Headlight bulbs come in a wide range of sizes and styles. It can be daunting to search an entire aisle of bulbs in order to find the right set for your vehicle. When you shop online Headlights for Vehicle, you can filter based on parts that match your make, model and year of vehicle. This cuts down on the confusion and risk of error when shopping for your essential replacement parts.

Compare HID, LED and halogen bulbs before completing your order. Halogen bulbs may be the most affordable, but they don’t last as long or throw as much light as the other types. Most vehicles can accept all three types of bulbs, so weigh the pros and cons of each before purchasing.

After you pick up your parts that you ordered online, it’s time to repair your vehicle. Learn how to replace a headlight to save time and avoid frustration on this maintenance task. Save money by completing this task on your own and enjoy convenient shopping, pick up and replacement steps.

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