How can vitamins help in reducing your hair loss & other hair-related problems?


All of us are fascinated with the idea of how wonderful our hair looks, and how lucky we are to have them. But things start to go wrong when you start facing hair issues, whether it be hair loss or dandruff, it troubles you equally. No matter whether you are a male or a female, you are supposed to be fascinated with your hair, and you will undertake any possible treatment to cure your hair loss issues. But why go for treatments when you can solve the issue by consuming vitamins daily? For all those who don’t know the wonderful effects of vitamins on your body, they need to brush up on their knowledge. Vitamins are essential micronutrient that helps in keeping your skin and hair healthy.

Hair Vitamins
Hair Vitamins

It’s not necessary to get them from fruits only, because you can get the same amount of vitamins from consuming vitamin tablets too. Some of the vital hair vitamins that should be consumed for hair loss include vitamin C, D & E. Biotin is another famous vitamin supplement that has become famous recently since people have realized the wonderful benefits it has. It makes your hair strong, helps it become shiny, and protects it from damage. You should probably consider consuming vitamins to protect your hair against hair loss. Following are some of the benefits of consuming vitamins for hair loss:

  • Make your hair healthy: While we all think that our hair can be made smooth and silky with help of expensive shampoos, this is not the actual case and is just a myth. To make your hair super healthy and lustrous, you need to change your diet and include major vitamins like A, E, and D in it. Along with consuming a properly balanced diet, it’s important to eat an optimum amount of biotin daily. Biotin is a vitamin that is responsible for making your hair strong and keeping it healthy over a long period. That is why you will so most of the shampoos today boasting about added biotin in them, no matter how much biotin your shampoo contains, the real result will only be achieved when you start focusing on what you eat, rather than what you apply, since the real magic happens from within. So stop being fooled by any marketing gimmicks and start consuming the optimum amount of vitamins daily.
  • Boosts cell growth: Most of the times hair loss problems originate due to the lack of oil in your scalp, which is major because of two reasons, either you don’t apply enough oil on your scalp yourself or there is less sebum production in your scalp. Due to both these issues, you start to lose your hair rapidly. So it’s essential to oil your hair at regular intervals. But if you don’t like applying oil and making your hair look greasy, then you should probably start consuming Vitamin A daily. It is essential to boost the sebum production, and hence restore the oil in your scalp, which will ultimately protect your hair from any kind of breakage. You can get vitamin A from vegetables like spinach and carrots, but in case you don’t find them, you can surely switch to vitamin A supplements since they are easier to carry, and provide you long-term benefits. Be sure to consume it in moderation, since overconsumption may lead to side effects.
  • Repairs and build tissue: Hair loss can occur when your hair tissues are weak and damaged, due to which it becomes easy for your hair to break down. But consuming vitamin E can help you with solving this problem of yours. You can find Vitamin E in many forms today, like you can get it from vegetables like avocado and broccoli, from almonds and other seeds, and you can find its capsules and supplements. You can open the capsule and apply the oil on your hair directly, it helps in reducing any kind of inflammation on the scalp, repairing your hair tissues, improving circulation of blood, etc. If you don’t want to apply it, you can directly consume the supplements and see the results yourself. In addition, you may wish to consider teas rich in antioxidants as these can prevent free radicals and further degradation of cells and tissues. For instance, red vein kratom, matcha tea, and jasmine tea are said to be rich in antioxidants.
  • Help with collagen production: While most of us consider collagen to be overrated, it isn’t actually. It is essential for optimum hair growth because it is a protein that helps build strong nails, hair, and beautiful skin. You can increase collagen production in your body by consuming vitamin C daily. This miraculous vitamin not only helps with building our immunity but also keeps our hair healthy and boosts collagen production. You can get vitamin C from food items like oranges, strawberries, bell peppers, kiwi, etc. If you can’t eat them every day, you can at least consume vitamin C supplements daily. They are not only beneficial for your hair, but also make keep your overall body protected from any unwanted allergies. 
  • They help in providing your body with optimum vitamin D- Since every one of us knows that we can only get enough vitamin D if we sit in the sun for about half an hour, who will consider doing that in the hot summers. For times like those, vitamin D supplements are your best friend, they not only provide your hair with a high amount of nourishment and care but also keep them healthy for a long time. To get vitamin D from foods, you can consume fish or mushrooms. But if you don’t like eating them, then you should consider eating vitamin D supplements every day, so that you can fulfill your daily requirements of vitamin D and at the same time make your hair look fabulous and voluminous.

After reading all these benefits you can figure out why consuming vitamins for hair loss are so important. No matter what gender you belong to or how long or short your hair is, you should give these vitamin supplements a try.

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