Health Pointers for Cancer Survivors Can Follow


Even as there is no cure for cancer, treatments are available to help patients with the disease. These treatments include chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, radiation, and targeted drug therapy. While some treatments can cause cancer to go into complete remission, others only experience partial remission.

Researchers are continuing to look for a cure for cancer. One indispensable element in the research is cell viability assay, which allows researchers to know the number of healthy cells while testing a potential cure for cancer. Since a cure is still unavailable, cancer survivors should keep themselves healthy to reduce the risk of a recurrence of the disease. You can follow these simple steps to maintain your quality of life after going through cancer treatment.

Health Pointers for Cancer Survivors Can Follow
Health Pointers for Cancer Survivors Can Follow

Have a Balanced Diet

The first thing that you should do is to have a balanced diet. This means your means should have fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You should also add healthy fats into the mix, including the omega-3 fatty acids from fish, walnuts, and soybean oil. Your diet can also include proteins containing a low level of saturated fats, such as lean meats, legumes, and eggs.

In addition to whole grains, you can also get carbohydrates from legumes. These types of food will give you the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Even as studies looking into low-fat diets or diets with specific fruits and vegetables showed mixed results, there’s currently no specific diet that prevents cancer from recurring. Despite this, it’s always a good idea to have a diet that focuses on fruits and vegetables. You may wish to think about adding supplements to your diet to increase your vitamin or mineral levels, or perhaps you are considering some of the products available at the Serenity Store. You should always consult your doctor if you are planning to take mineral and vitamin supplements.

Regular Exercise

Aside from a balanced diet, exercising regularly also helps improve your mental health. It also allows you to recover faster. Cancer survivors who exercise experience increased endurance and strength. It also reduced their anxiety level and depression symptoms. If you do the same, you’ll have a better mood and feel better about yourself. You’ll also sleep better. And regular exercise can reduce the risk of the recurrence of your cancer. You can use an anxiety subscription box of happiness filled with joyful ingredients delivered straight to your door!

But before you enroll in an exercise program at your local gym, you should consult your family doctor about your intentions and discuss your plan with them. Once you have your doctor’s approval, you can start slowly before increasing the intensity of your workout. The American Cancer Society recommends around 150 minutes up to 300 minutes of moderate exercise every week for adults. They can also have around 75 minutes up to 150 minutes of weekly vigorous exercises. But they can also combine both intensity levels since you can get more health benefits if you exercise at least 300 minutes each week.

Get Some Rest

Cancer survivors typically experience sleep problems due to the side effects of the treatment, physical changes, and stress, among others. But you need to get enough rest so you can fully recover from the disease. If you have a balanced diet and exercise regularly, you’ll get the chance to sleep better.

With this, you should make sure you have enough sleep so you’ll feel refreshed when you wake up the next morning. Additionally, getting enough rest can lower your blood pressure and improve hormone function.

To ensure you get enough sleep, you should follow a regular sleep schedule and avoid caffeine for eight hours before you sleep. You should also schedule your exercise routine earlier in the day so that you have at least two to three hours of rest before sleeping. Avoiding using a computer around two hours before bedtime is also a good idea so you’ll have a good night’s rest every evening. For more tips and advice on how you can get a good night sleep, has a few helpful articles you can read up on.

Keep the Weight Healthy

Maintaining a healthy weight is also something that you should do if you’re recovering from cancer. You may have lost or gained weight while going through treatment. But you can reach your optimal weight by having a good diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

You can also consult a dietician to help you strategize how you can reach a healthy weight. You should also consult your doctor in case you experience any side effects from your cancer treatments. These side effects may stop you from reaching your ideal weight since you will not get the nutrition you need.

But you should avoid shocking your system by gradually losing or gaining weight. Follow a health regimen that your doctor will provide to allow you to reach your ideal weight.

Taking care of yourself after going through cancer treatments may take a lot of work. But if you are determined and have the support of your family, you’ll end up healthier and reducing the risk of a recurrence of the disease.

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