Real Estate License in Florida Cost


Florida has a booming real estate market. According to Indeed, the average agent with a two-year experience earns up to $93,000 per year. That’s a huge salary, and you don’t require an expensive college degree to start a career in the industry. Are you thinking of becoming a real estate agent in FL? That is a great idea. Getting a Florida real estate license won’t break the bank, yet you can create endless opportunities to make money. Although there are a few requirements you must meet to get your license, you can recoup your investment from your very first commission from a real estate deal. This post will discuss the cost of real estate license in Florida so that you know what to expect.

Real Estate license in Florida Cost
Real Estate license in Florida Cost

How Much Does a Real Estate License in Florida Cost?

The real estate license in Florida cost depends on many factors like the real estate school you attend, the course package you choose, and examination fees. Here is a breakdown of the real estate license cost in Florida.

1. Pre-Licensing Education: $100-500

Enrolling in a real estate pre-licensing training school is the first step in becoming a licensed agent. Florida real estate schools vary according to cost, student support, classes, and curriculum. Therefore, taking your time to choose the right place to obtain your real estate pre-licensing education is important. The cost of pre-licensing real estate courses ranges from $100-500 in Florida. However, if you choose to attend online schools like RealEstateU, you can get an affordable pre-license course for as little as $69. RealEstateU course packages include the state-required 63 hours of real estate training. Once you choose the perfect study plan, you can learn everything you need to pass the Florida real estate license exam with a reputable and affordable online school.

2. Exam Fee

Candidates must pass the state exam to get their licenses. So, how much is the real estate exam in Florida? The Florida real estate exam cost is about $37. However, don’t forget that the FL real estate exam is tricky. Studies show that many students need two or three attempts to succeed. If you choose a good school like RealEstateU which has a high pass rate, you can improve your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt and save money.

3. Application Fee: $83

Submitting a license application to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) costs about $83. Candidates must show proof of their pre-licensing education when applying for their license.

4. Fingerprint Costs: $50-80

All candidates looking to get their licenses must pass a criminal background check. Submitting your fingerprint scan for these checks costs between $50 and $80. 

What is the Total Florida Real Estate License Cost?

If you factor in all of the above costs, you will realize that potential licensees have to spend between $300 and $700 to get their agent licenses in Florida.

The best cost-saving decision you can make now is to enroll in RealEstateU’s Florida online real estate school. Choose a course package that suits your budget and obtain your license without any financial stress.

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