Secure ASP.NET Core Applications with Benefits to Ecommerce


Merchants and buyers trust an ecommerce platform that can conduct secure transactions and keep all data secure. Fortunately, a marketplace can achieve this through secure ASP.NET Core Applications. Does this sound familiar to you? For a layman, this might be a complex topic. But for the programmer, handling core applications during the development of an ecommerce platform or third-party integration apps is a norm.

ASP.NET gives developers an opportunity to configure security settings at different stages through core applications. Additionally, some are executed by users during implementation. Therefore, this article is designed for both developers and users to understand the importance of secure ASP.NET Core Applications and their benefit to ecommerce.

ASP.NET Core Applications
ASP.NET Core Applications

Secure ASP.NET Core Applications: Protect from SQL, XSS, and CSRF Attacks

There are many ways to attack an ecommerce platform and third-party libraries and steal or manipulate data. SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) are some of them. These are advanced hacking tactics that might do significant harm to an ecommerce platform.

However, there are secure ASP.NET Core Applications to keep them in check. Great examples include the use of anti-forgery tokens and HTML encryption among others. As a programmer, you should know the best security measure to use for each possible attack.

Using HTTPS and SSL

Both of these secure ASP.NET Core Applications are used to protect the communications between the ecommerce platform and the servers or when a user logs in to a website. They are both secure encryption measures set by the developers. It is possible to set them up for any platform, and they are recommended by web security experts. So, you should not ignore them.

Secure ASP.NET Core Applications: Use Secure Logins

Administrators can participate in secure ASP.NET Core Applications by creating secure logins for all their users. A username and a password should be assigned to all team members and users of the platform. It is also prudent to encourage users to avoid sharing their logins or leaving applications open on their computers. In fact, modern browsers keep cookies that risk platform access and should be cleared after use. An IT expert should change these logins regularly just in case any of them were compromised.

Updating the Software and Libraries

One of the secure ASP.NET Core Applications is updating your platform and libraries as often as possible or whenever there is a new update. Some platforms may have auto updates, and it is important to keep the setting enabled. Outdated and redundant files are more prone to attacks than up-to-date ones. Furthermore, it might be impossible to get support for outdated files.

Hide Your Platform Version

The last secure ASP.NET Core Application to discuss is keeping malicious people in the dark regarding your ecommerce platform version. When they know the exact details, they can prepare accurate attacks and inject them accurately into the system. Not knowing the version might buy you time because it will take them longer to figure out what attack works best.

Although these are not the only secure ASP.NET Core Applications, they are the best to put in place to keep ecommerce marketplaces safe and secure. It is good to keep your eyes wide open and apply any other beneficial security measures with benefits to ecommerce.

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