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It is true that the business world has been particularly fond of the iOS planet in recent years, with the iPhone almost becoming a modern status symbol for managers. On the other hand, however, we cannot certainly ignore the factual reality with Best Business Apps, namely that the Android operating system is by far the most widely used worldwide. Not only: some of the main smartphone models launched by industry vendors, from Samsung to Huawei, have been created and designed with a nod to the business world. This is why, therefore, it becomes important to know the most useful Android applications for the business, which can therefore facilitate their own productivity. Below is a first list (in random order) in constant update.

1) Slack:

One of the apps designed specifically for business use that can be found on Android is without a doubt Slack. It is a platform born with the promise of overcoming the well-known problem of dripping mail, making it possible to communicate and work seamlessly between work groups. It is primarily a chat, but not only: it is in fact organized in channels, making it possible to share files quickly and easily. Furthermore, integration with external services is ensured (Google Drive, Dropbox Asana, Giphy). To get started, simply go to, create your own team and invite your colleagues via email, even if the model obviously includes paid versions.

2) Asana

Still in the perspective of collaboration and teamwork, Asana allows the teams to manage projects in a coordinated way without using emails. Unlike Slack it is above all an application that allows you to manage things to do and assign tasks and tasks to your employees. You can add all the necessary subsections, assign tasks directly and add comments and attachments. Asana is available for free with basic functionality for up to 15 people or 9.99 per month per person for the complete package.

3) CamScanner

In an office environment, where you often need documents in the right format, CamScanner can be a very useful tool, since this application allows you to turn your smartphone camera into a scanner, allowing the creation of PDF documents, which can then be shared or modified.

4) G Suite

In a review of the best Android applications for business, Google and its office productivity platforms could not be missing. In particular, G Suite Basic is a suite that integrates productivity and collaboration applications to offer users professional business email, shared calendars, online document editing and archiving functions, conference calls and much more. The price is 4 euros per user per month (monthly flexible plan) or 40 per year (annual plan). Then there is the business version (8 euros per month) that allows you to store an unlimited number of Gmail messages, Google Photos images and files in Drive. Moreover, if the users of the organization are not more than 4, each of them will receive 1 TB of storage space.

5) Google My Business

Always staying at Google, there is an application that can be extremely useful, especially for those small and medium-sized businesses that need visibility. With Google My Business, you can create your business card for free, which allows users to find businesses on Google and Google Maps. The tab shows the opening hours, phone number and driving directions of the activity. It is also possible to interact with customers, responding to the comments made by them. With Google my business it is also possible to obtain information about one’s customers and fairly detailed statistics on how these interact on the web with their business.

6) Office

Obviously, in the ranking of the best business applications for Android could not miss Office, the most famous productivity suite in the world. For a long time ideological fences have been missed, Microsoft has made its classic productivity applications available for Android for free, from Word to Excel. Obviously, for those companies that need space on the cloud and additional features, it is possible to subscribe to Office 365. Office 365 is also required to create or edit documents in tablets with a screen size greater than 10.1 inches.

7) PayPal

In the ranking there is also a very well-known name, namely PayPal, which can be particularly useful for small and medium-sized businesses. Many companies use PayPal to manage transactions and invoices, sometimes even to pay employees and collaborators. You can also set up a company account that simplifies both sending and receiving money. Obviously the version of the business application (for a fee) is specifically designed to handle this type of need

8) Newton

Collaboration and agility are fine, but in any organization it is still difficult to do without the email. In this regard Newton can be very useful, an email client also available for Android, which supports all the most popular email services (Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo Mail and Exchange) and allows you to manage multiple accounts in separate or unified mode , with a good dose of security. The download is available free of charge but, once the trial period has expired, a subscription of 50 Euro a year is required.

9) Microsoft Remote Desktop

For Microsoft addicted, better if small entrepreneurs, the Remote Desktop app from Microsoft is a must. Basically it is a reliable and secure way to remotely connect to your work PC from your Android phone or tablet, so you can easily use your Windows applications while on the move, so you can view and edit documents from anywhere.

10) Skype

In times when communication is paramount, it becomes really counterproductive to do without what is the most widespread video call solution in the world, or Skype (of which obviously there is also a business version). Even if you are not in front of your PC, the Android application makes it possible to make video calls from your smartphone, using the camera and your network connection.

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