How to Date a Leo Woman


The constellations we were born under can affect our character and choice of a partner. You should not consider this article as the ultimate truth. There are no “ideal” representatives of any zodiac sign that can be 100% studied trough the universal description, just as there are no phlegmatic, choleric, melancholic, or sanguine people in their pure form. However, getting a general idea of ​​who you need is real. In no case do we urge you to destroy the already existing relations if it suddenly turns out that, according to this text, you are not suitable for each other?

How to Date a Leo Woman
How to Date a Leo Woman
  • A Leo woman – what is she like?

Famous Leo Women: Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Audrey Tautou, Julia Vysotskaya, Whitney Houston, Gillian Anderson were born under this zodiac sign.

She likes to put herself on display, a Leo woman behaves as if she is a jewel, a masterpiece of jewelry art, exhibited in a window. She doesn’t have problems like “Tired of being single what to do?” People are allowed to enjoy it, even if they don’t have a penny in their pockets. A Leo woman is sure that she was created to be a star. For her, male attention and admiration are extremely important; sometimes she needs sex to once again make sure that she is still popular and receives ample attention.

This woman easily and naturally operates with double standards. She demands from her man constant evidence that she is the one and only in her kind (Leos do not agree on anything less). But this does not prevent her from enjoying her freedom. Because this feeling is very precious to her, and she does not accept any attempts to limit her boundaries or personal space.

This person was simply created of contradictions: she loves people, but this does not prevent her from being egocentric, loves to command but knows how to do it with dignity and tact; she is arrogant and imagines a lot about herself but at the same time is kind-hearted. To be true, she begins to notice the problems of other people only if they somehow concern herself or relate to her state.

A Leo woman is unpredictable and seductive; her feelings rarely have any special depth, rather they can be called superficial. She often falls in love but is rarely able to build stable relationships, as she lacks dedication for this. Leo is not able to obey anyone. She is often one of those three peaks of the love triangle, but in the case with this woman, the combination consists of one woman and two men. She likes the game and a sense of power over both.

If people do not meet her expectations, then anyone is to blame, only not herself. If some kind of emotional crisis occurs in the life of a Leo woman, she will gladly begin to dramatize and will not miss the chance to try on the role of a tragic heroine. She is more interested in “special effects” than a manifestation of real feelings. As a rule, most of the tragedies faced by a Leo woman are initiated by herself.

  • How to conquer an impregnable and proud Leo girl?

A Leo woman has no less strong and eccentric character than the men of this zodiac sign. She is just as decisive, courageous, proud, and arrogant. In her, every look and word, royal patience, and condescension show through. She rarely truly pays attention to people and allows them to communicate with her, but if she does, she will share her experience and wisdom with them.

Trying to make this lady fall in love with a trivial means of courtship will never be crowned with success. To get at least a sign of attention from her, a man must be at least wealthy and attractive.

  • A Leo woman will never be attracted by a languid and enthusiastic romantic who will compose praises in her honor, quietly suffering from unrequited love.
  • A dork with a cigarette in his mouth and cheap cologne, cannot win her heart either.
  • But the courtship of an intelligent and well-mannered man who has a sense of self-esteem, dressed in fashionable and clean clothes, will appeal to her.

A woman of this zodiac sign needs a man who knows his worth. A guy who decides to seduce an impregnable Leo girl can be given some interesting tips:

  • Tease your chosen one by calling her attention but make sure that the jokes are not offensive or in no case rude.
  • Admire her but do not cross the line when praise becomes open flattery.
  • Set the limits so that a Leo woman sees that you are also a leader and it’s not so easy to conquer you. But here, you should be very careful; otherwise, if you violate her personal space too much, she will run away from you her head held high.
  • Give her an understanding that she can rely on you in any situation because no matter how strong and independent a Leo woman is, she is just like any other girl looking for a stronger man.

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