Things To Know For Using Wikipedia As A Marketing Tool


Wikipedia is and will continue to be one of the largest digital encyclopedia. Where this platform provides you with comprehensive and detailed information about everything and anything. Having well-structured articles and pages on various subjects and topics, Wikipedia is now becoming one of the best online marketing tools.

Having a Wikipedia page not only elevates your online presence and visibility but rather it also contributes to improving the market status of your business and brand. A wiki page appears first on every search engine result page which makes it an effective tool in business marketing and product promoting. Numerous digital marketers and entrepreneurs are using Wikipedia as a marketing tool to improve their rankings and overall online business reputation.

Since Google favors Wikipedia quite often, having a simple Wikipedia link can improve the overall marketing outcomes and adds value to your marketing efforts and strategies. The popularity and effectiveness of Wikipedia are the chief reasons as to why numerous companies and marketers are employing Wikipedia in their marketing strategies.

The platform has been in the online world for years and has always provided its users with credible information, which has made its credible source and reliable platform. Unarguably, Wikipedia is one of the most innovative additions in marketing tools and platforms. So, before you decide to jump on the Wiki-bandwagon, make sure to get a clear idea about wiki guidelines and rules and keep these points into consideration:

  1. The rule for Conflict of interest:

When it comes to conflict of interest, Wikipedia follows some serious rules and guidelines for it. Conflict of interest surfaces when the person editing a page or an article has a close association with the topic. To elaborate on that, Wikipedia strongly discourages the users and contributors to not edit a page or article about themselves or their brand. There is no restriction on who can and who cannot edit a wiki-page, it is highly likely that your page might get removed or deleted if there is any conflict of interest.

  1. Wikipedia can be damaging:

Making a Wikipedia page is like doing a surgery, one wrong move and it can cost you your business reputation and can be deadly for your business survival. For instance, you might be thinking that adding your official business website link in your wiki page is a good idea and will improve your site traffic– this, in fact, is a deadly move. It is considered as spamming, and all such links will be removed and blacklisted—never to be used or cited again. It, ultimately, damages your online presence while obliterating all your reputation management and marketing efforts and worsening your business status and situation.

  1. Formatting rules:

If notability is the most important wiki page creation guidelines, then formatting is the second most important guidelines to consider for making a successful Wikipedia page. An article with poor formatting is bound to go through several thorough scrutiny steps than a well-formatted one. It’s all about visualization and perception; a well-formatted article is usually perceived to be well-written and composed. Editors usually approve articles which have proper headings, structured and proper citation, and relevant images. On the other hand, poor formatting raises a red flag, and such articles usually end up in the rejection pile.

  1. Article structuring and submission:

Whether you are making a wiki page on your own or you have hired a professional wikipage creator, make sure to abide by the notability guidelines. You can either post the article on the main space, or you could submit it to the Wikipedia articles for creation project.


When it comes to gaining wiki success, it all about paying attention and strict observance of wiki guidelines and rules. Wikipedia is an extremely powerful platform for building brand awareness and improving its business reputation.

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Zeeshan Hussain Bhatti
Zeeshan Hussain Bhatti is a Digital strategist & Tech Geek, He’s always exploring new skills with different platforms in writing and marketing industry.