5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A 3d Printer


However, before buying it, it is important that you take into account some factors that will help or hinder your goal. Aspects such as what industry sector are you going to use it for? What is the object you want to create with it? Or, what type of material will you create it with? These are just some of the elements to consider.

For this reason, to help you choose the right 3D formup printer to achieve your goals, we have created a list of all the things you should know before buying your 3D printer.

Buying A 3d Printer
Buying A 3d Printer

1. The Volume Or Print Size:

Not all 3D printers print with the same manufacturing volume since this depends on the print size of each one. For example, large format printers can print up to 100cm³ or more, while simple 3D printers, in general, they’re a print volume is 20cm³. However, when you go to buy your 3D printer, you must be clear about the size in which you want to develop your ideas. For this reason, at the maker, you can request a custom 3D printer to print your ideas in the size you want.

2. The Cost Of The Materials Required For Its Operation:

Depending on the materials that the printer supports, the cost of each of them varies. For example, there are some printers that, due to their technology, only allow you to work with filaments or resins, while others, such as laser printers, need powdered plastic to create layer by layer and thus complete the piece. If what you are looking for is economy, we recommend selecting an FDM technology 3D printer. And, of course, you will also need to consider any equipment you may need to generate the model that will be 3D printed, such as Industrial CT Scanning Services, as these will also need to be factored into any costs or budget that you may be working with.

3. The Guarantee And Technical Service Of The Machine:

Make sure that when you go to buy a 3d printing machine manufacturer, the buyer you choose guarantees you a technical service and a quality guarantee. This is extremely important since, in case of any doubt or mechanical failure that the equipment presents, you will be sure to have the support of the brand from which you bought your 3D printer.

4. Print Resolution:

At this point keep in mind that printers with high-resolution quality have a limited print volume. This happens because the printers that have better resolution than others, most are built for small parts, which require greater rigor in their design. Selective Laser Sintering or Stereo lithography printers such as the Stalactite 102 tend to print with better resolution than FDM printers, although a PEGASUS 3D printer can offer you a resolution that is similar to stereo lithography technology due to its 30-micron layer thickness.

5. The Materials That It Supports:

The common material that all 3D printers use to work is PLA. This is a type of biodegradable and supremely versatile material since it is built with 100% renewable resources. However, ABS is another material that a 3D printer can work with and that has different characteristics and functions than PLA. For example: To build a piece in a material that is very resistant and tolerant to high temperatures, we recommend ABS. If you need to buy filaments or learn more about these materials, here are the best ones at a good price. 

Now that you are clear about the points you must take into account to materialize your ideas, it is the perfect time to buy an efficient 3D printer and start building the world to suit you.

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