Why Semiconductor Quality Is Key


The semiconductor is the basis of computing and as such it is critical to ensure that you only use approved and high-quality parts. The quality of the simplest of components like semiconductors and transistors will essentially determine the functionality and usability of the final system. This article aims to provide some insight into why it is so critical to use the best quality semiconductors that you can, whether you are into building your own computing tech, designing and building any electrical gadgets or creating and building any form of electronics. You will need to use semiconductors and as such you need to know why their quality is key to your overall performance.

Semiconductor Quality
Semiconductor Quality

The semiconductor or integrated circuits which essentially comprise transistors and electronic switches are the brains of all modern electronics. Over the last 50 years they have become smaller, faster and a lot more reliable. However, in this same vein they have also been a component that is easy to overlook based on their size and they are not always checked for authenticity. A single processing chip may have thousands of transistors and as such it serves to ensure that the product is genuine, or it could lead to a number of failures. 

Counterfeiting of components

With the recent shortage in micro-processing chips and the semiconductors that amalgamate to form them, there was a noticeable increase of components that were of a much poorer quality, and in some cases downright fake. Industry analysts have noted their concern about this proliferation of counterfeit parts. This is a major problem for the future of professional computing and electronics design safety standards.

The onset of the recent pandemic meant that there was a huge increase in the number of people that needed mobile technology and computing capabilities to be able to work remotely. This huge demand, meant that chips weren’t being produced by the known brands fast enough, resulting in shortages in the appliance sector for fridges and microwaves, and in the automotive sector.

Quality components make for quality electronic products

One of the founding principles of computing was the GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) principle, and this referred primarily to programing, however the same can be said for the humble semiconductor. BJTs are critical components and if they don’t work as they should, then the transfer of electrical current and the function of the switch will not work either and there will be no information shared, saved, generated or even viewed.

If the semiconductors aren’t able to perform their function efficiently and effectively as part of the myriad of integrated circuits that make up your computer, or circuit board for your remote control, or electronic gadget, then there will necessarily be reliability and sustainability issues. These will only be rectified by reinstalling these tiniest of components at additional cost. 

It thus pays to ensure that you only use genuine and approved parts, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem at the outset.

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