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Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch in the world, at Royal Vegas Casino we have compiled a database of the most distinguished royals in the world, with The Queen’s net worth being $530,000,000. Despite the large amount of investments, the royal vault of crown jewels, and owning the nation’s swans, The Queen is not the wealthiest person in the world. This article will look at 10 people with a higher net worth than The Queen.

People Richer than The Queen of England

Bill Gates

Starting our list is a well-known name, the co-founder of Microsoft is the second richest person in the world with a net worth of $120 billion. Since earning his wealth through technology, Gates has now turned to more philanthropic endeavours through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The organisation works to improve healthcare and vaccinations, as well as reducing worldwide poverty.

Rupert Murdoch

With a net worth of $18 billion, Rupert Murdoch is the chairman and founder of News Corp, a massive media conglomerate that focusses on the publishing and distribution of news across various mediums. With the sale of 21st Century Fox to Disney in 2019 for $71.3 billion, it is without a doubt that Murdoch’s worth would have further increased.

King MahaVajiralongkorn

The King of Thailand tops the Royal Vegas Casino’s database for net worth, with a massive $30 billion. The majority of The King’s wealth is in the form of property, with the Crown Property Bureau owning 6500 hectares of land across Thailand. The Crown Property Bureau is under the complete control of The King, also becoming exempt from tax.

Jeff Bezos

The founder and CEO of Amazon is an unsurprising addition to this list, as the richest person in the world and first centi-billionaire, Bezos’ wealth easily eclipses that of Queen Elizabeth II at $188 billion. Bezos has branched from Amazon, now owning many ventures, most notably The Washington Post and Blue Origin, a commercial rocket company and Richer then Queen of England.

Warren Buffett

With a net worth of $77 billion, Warren Buffett is mostly known for being one of the best investors in the world, earning his fortune through the stock markets. Buffett first started purchasing stock at age 11 after observing from his father’s brokerage. Since this first purchase, Buffett has pioneered new methods in investing, greatly profiting from this.

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan

As a member of the Abu Dhabi’s royal family, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan has a large net worth of $4.9 billion; this wealth has largely stemmed from Abu Dhabi’s petroleum industry. The Sheikh is most famous for his sporting investment, as the owner of English football team, Manchester City, bringing a large amount of cashflow to improve the team and richer then the Queen of England

Mark Zuckerberg

A man that needs little introduction on this list is Mark Zuckerberg, as the founder of the social media company Facebook. Now boasting over 2.7 billion monthly users, Zuckerberg started Facebook at Harvard University in 2014 for fellow students to interact. Since becoming a publicly traded company in 2012, Zuckerberg’s net worth has continued to increase, with him currently being valued at $100 billion.

Elon Musk

Elon musk is in the top 10 of the world’s richest, with a net worth of $70 billion. Currently most famous for being the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, the start of Musk’s success came with PayPal, a company now synonymous with online payments. Musk is an entrepreneur, engineer and a philanthropist, with his current target being a mission to Mars with SpaceX.

Vladimir Putin

A possibly surprising figure to be wealthier than The Queen is Vladimir Putin, with a net worth of $70 billion. Putin is the president of Russia and one of the world’s most powerful leaders, with his wealth mostly stemming from his salary, savings and investments. There have been reports that Putin is the richest man in the world, but these cannot be confirmed.

Sultan HassanalBolkiah

Another addition from our royal database is the Sultan of Brunei, who is second in our list with a net worth of $20,000,000,000. The Sultan is one of the longest reigning royals in the world, with a large amount of his wealth coming from the oil industry.

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