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One of the major concerns of a person who is looking out for an internet service provider is affordability because the internet is a commodity that is a necessity but you have to pay monthly bills. One wants an affordable internet connection that is also reliable and provides the necessary speeds. We recognize that the internet is important and some are in dire need of a stable internet connection but they cannot afford the top internet providers and speeds; so we are mentioning 5 internet service providers of the internet in my area that offer affordable internet packages.

internet service provider
internet service provider

There are different types of technology used on the internet by different internet service providers we are mentioning four broadband and one DSL internet service provider that includes WOW! internet, spectrum internet, CenturyLink, Windstream internet, and COX.

We will be mentioning the package that provides high internet speed along with affordability by each internet service provider, along with the contractual details and features.

WOW! internet

 They are a regional internet service provider with over 85000 users around the west side of the United States. They provide different speed options but we are going to mention the package that is used by most of the users and it provides high-speed internet along with an affordable discounted rate.

Dependability on internet connection has increased manifold due to the endemic crisis and we are in working remotely, we want an Internet connection that supports our work from home as well as online classes.

If there are about 34 people in your home who are going to use internet service then the basic speed offered by the internet will be ideal for you that provides 200 MBPS internet. It will support all kinds of internet usage and you can download and stream as much as you want because they provide unlimited Internet. The price of this package at a promotional discount is only around $49.99 a month.

The best feature of WOW! internet is their whole-home wi-fi that provides strong internet signals at every corner around the home. They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee that helps you to test their service as well as to check, if you are satisfied with the speed or not.

WOW! internet also offers free installation on all online orders. There is an option for the next-day installation as well that is not usually offered by many internet service providers.

Spectrum internet

They need no introduction because they are one of the topmost internet service providers. The best part is that despite being one of the most popular internet service providers they are also very affordable. Even though, they have millions of users most of the users go for their basic internet package which is very ideal for people who are working from home these days.

The minimum internet speed of the spectrum office is around 200 Mbps which will be enough for a person who is working remotely. The speed sports up to 4 devices at the same time and the user will not face any slow internet speed issues. The price of this package at a promotional discount is $49.99 a month.

The features offered by the spectrum set them apart from every other internet service provider. They offer a free internet modem along with all their internet packages. They also offer a free mobile app that helps you to monitor your internet usage. There is no contract required and the internet is truly unlimited. To keep your data and your device protected they also provide a free antivirus facility.

Windstream internet

Windstream provides a fiber optic internet connection that is Windstream kinetic internet. They offer their services in only 19 States Around The United States but they are one of the most affordable internet service providers.

The internet speed varies from location to location along with the prices but if you go for 100 Mbps with Windstream internet, it will cost you around $45 a month. The speed that you get from a fiber optic internet is much faster in comparison with other kinds of technologies.

There are no contracts required and the best part is that they offer the most amazing security services that keep your data and your devices protected. No matter what speed you choose, it will be unlimited because they offer internet data without any data caps.

CenturyLink internet

They are a DSL internet provider but they provide a fairly high-speed internet connection. They provide their services in almost more than 35 States around the US with millions of users.

You can get 100 Mbps speed of internet for as low as $45 a month at a promotional discount. The most striking feature which they provide is a price lock for life. You will never see a rise in your bill if you choose CenturyLink because they offer promotional discounted prices for life.

 There is no contract required and there is no early termination fee. One thing that you must have is an active phone Jack when you opt for CenturyLink internet. You might also be eligible for free installation and activation and it will depend upon your address.

COX internet

It is a Broadband Internet provider that offers the most amazing internet and cable TV services. The promotional packages will vary from location to location but if you opt for a high-speed hundred MBPS that will cost you around $50 a month.

They offer a contract for two years and if you want to choose no contracts then you will be required to pay a security deposit charge of almost $50. They also offer 24/7 assistance to their customers and you are free to bundle up your services whenever you want because they offer one of the best TV services in the United States.

Wrapping up,

We have mentioned the most affordable internet service provider that also provides quality and high-speed internet service. Though all the above-mentioned internet service providers are affordable, you might not be able to get all the options for that you will need to check which options are available in the maker choice.

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