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The main aim of BassanTech, an offshore outsourcing India company, is to fill up the outsourcing void felt for a long time by a number of the latest Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across North America and Europe. Until now they mostly depended on offshore freelancers. Instead of appointing freelancers we introduced the concept of remote staffing. We provide talented staff who sit and work in an office environment. BassanTech offers cost-effective, secure, modern and innovative IT support touch clients in different parts of the world. The required hardware and software, payroll and the workforce are all managed by the BassanTech staff, thus ensuring no headache for the clients. We have the proper infrastructure and technology to bridge the physical gap between the client and the staff. Our professional team comes with the skills, qualification and experience that matches their western counterparts but with lesser cost. BassanTech provides virtualization technology using a cloud platform to enhance the growth of the business of their clients.

The Provider of Best IT Solution (2)
The Provider of Best IT Solution (2)

We are currently catering to a number of countries all over the world.BassanTech has become a well-known name in the field of small business IT support and technology solutions because of our professional approach to all fields of the service. There are five main areas of support that BassanTech provides to their clients. This includes customer support, HR, recruitment, security and care. We do not compromise on the quality and cost.

We at BassanTech maintain a database of highly qualified professionals from around the globe. Our efficient recruitment team will help you choose the best talent. We also place job advertisements by leading job brands. In order to hire the best BassanTech also conducts a campus interview in the colleges. The candidates go through a thorough screening process and rigorous interview. Speaking and comprehension skills of the candidates are assessed through English tests. Shortlisted candidates are further tested for skill, knowledge and talent before they are recruited for the clients. The clients do not need to pay any fee for this hiring process.

No business is without risk but it should be kept at a minimum. According to the need, BassanTech provides customizable service package that ultimately reduces the risk of the client. We follow a number of time-tested strategies and novel solutions to provide security to the client. Our clients can depend on us for small business it supports.

With a supportive helpdesk service, a business can grow considerably. During the time of sudden crisis, companies fail to make a timely response. This at times leads to considerable damage to the business and the reputation of the company. For preventing this situation, it is always good to have it helpdesk support so that issues can be fixed in quick time to minimize the loss. At BassanTech we have a 24×7 help desk to support companies to stay ahead in a vastly competitive market. Our experts help solve any technical issue quickly and efficiently. Our team of technical experts ensures that problems of the clients are handled proficiently even during the rush hours. To meet some definite requirements of the clients, we also offer outsourced help desk service.BassanTech also ensures the smooth operation of your organization by providing live helpdesk support. In short, we are probably the best offshore outsourcing India Company providing easy solutions for recruitment.

Payroll management is another tricky process that involves different guidelines and regulations and that too varies from country to country. BassanTech takes care of the payroll processing of their clients. We take care of calculating the salary and transferring the amount to the bank account of the employees on the first day of the month.

It is necessary that someone should provide a helping hand to take care of the important aspects of planning and execution of business. BassanTech provides this support in the form of an account manager who deals with several facets of the business such as arranging a business meeting, handling issues related to HR Department, taking care of travel and visa related issues of the staff, etc. You can depend on us as your most trusted offshore outsourcing India company for hiring best talents.

For smaller firms, we provide the facility of prepaid billing in which our prices are fixed in hourly basis. If the number of employees of the firm is over ten the firm is offered Regular Monthly Advanced Billing Service.

At BassanTech we only charge our client only for the hours of verified and confirmed work. The client has the full authority to question the performance of any staff. In the case of discontent, the staff is immediately replaced. If a staff is replaced within the first six months then we do not charge anything from the client. In case there is any unconsumed hour, the refund is made within 15 days.

To get the service from BassanTech, known for being one of the best offshore outsourcing India company, all you need to do is to state your prerequisites. We shall then endeavor to select the best professionals for you. Once your team is finalized, the experts at the BassanTech arrange to give them special training. All you need to do is to formulate the strategies for the enhancement of your business, while we at BassanTech will strive to satisfy all your requirements.

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