What is Smart Home Technology | Best Advantages of Smart Home Technology


Technology has always helped mankind move from a primitive living being to the human being of recent years. First, your human ancestors invented the fire, then the wheel, and after a long time, the Industrial Revolution happened. It was in 1980 that the computer first becomes popular. In 2000, it was the era of laptops. From 2010 till now it has been the time of mobiles. In fact, 2016 in industry circles, is known as the year of apps. Now, the internet has evolved from just being a needy tool to the important work completing tool of today. Just look around you. With a mobile, you can complete many of the day’s activities. And now, the time has come for the development of electronic appliances. Far from doing manual work with these appliances, now, you can control them with just a tap on the mobile or via your voice.


Smart Home Technology

Did you hear about smart home technology? If not, this article is for you. It is the recent buzzword in many urban Indian cities. Gone were the days, when mobiles were used only for communication. Now, they are used for giving commands to smart electronic appliances.

Have you done digital transactions with your mobile phone? It is the same work. But you can control all the electronic appliances in your home with just your mobile. As per the civil engineer report, nearly ten percent of homes in 2020 will be smart homes.

What Is Smart Home Technology?

Yes, you made the right guess. It is a technology where all the electronic appliances in your home get connected via a common network. You can remote control the appliances. Here, every appliance right from AC to light is connected to a common Wi-Fi network. You can make them function with just your mobile phone.

Advantages of Smart Home Technology

Now let us look into the advantages of this new technology.

Control of Electronic Appliances At Fingertips

You have every electronic appliance in your home such as a smart oven, smart fridge, etc. Now, you will be able to control all the devices from your smartphone with just one click. You will have complete control in one step from any place like office or friend’s house. This can help in some cases like when you forget to turn off the home appliance. Let us assume a situation. You have activated the washing machine. Now you forgot to set the time for stopping the washing activity. With your smartphone, you can send an alert to the appliance to stop the process. Or else, there can be another situation. The appliance sends an alert to your mobile that the cleaning process has got completed.

Safety Is Given First Priority

You can install a smart security camera near your front door which has sensors. Many people look to have a monitored alarm system installed into their homes or offices, in order to have efficient protection from any intruders or risks of danger. Now, you can also get an alert in case a delivery person has come to your door. You can have a chat with him via the video camera. During the conversation, he informs you of a parcel.

If you have a smart door lock, a temporary password can be set, which will expire after a gap of two to three minutes. The delivery boy has to open the door and keep the parcel in the living room. You can monitor his activities via CCTV in the home. Also, the door can get locked after two minutes. Smart homes allow you to monitor the activities right from your working place.

Energy Efficiency

Another advantage of smart homes is their ability to use less energy. Just imagine the situation. Even the manufacturers of electronic brands have stepped in to save energy. The reason, resources such as petrol are getting depleted very soon. So, every smart home appliance designed and manufactured saves energy.

Let us take a case study. You have a smart home in Pune. Now, you and your spouse go to work, your children for their education at schools, and your parents stay at home. Being on the other side of 60 years, they face mobility issues. They face difficulty to go and switch on lights. Also, during the summer, they have to switch on the fan or AC. Now with smart home and smart home appliances, they can activate or switch off the appliances by just their voice or a tap on their mobile.

Let us imagine another situation. You are a bachelor staying in Bangalore in an apartment. Now, you have taken a smart apartment. You have made the settings as per your requirement. Now, in the morning, the blinds open when you wake up at  6 am. The light goes off as you go to the office. Similar is the case with AC and thermostat. You just have to close the door and the smart lock closes the door. Now, how is that for a change?


Financial advisors say – money that you can save is money earned. By adopting this technology, you can save nearly 15 to twenty percent of the cost. You can save cash on water bills, LPG bills and water bills. Smart home appliances are the future. In recent times, buyers are preferring smart homes because it is a one-time investment. And even the builders have taken notice and are constructing homes as per the requirements of the customers. So, home appliances have moved forward from being a mere tool to a luxury statement.

There are also some appliances that send alerts when they require maintenance. For example, you have some washing machine and microwave oven models that can send alerts if they require maintenance in your Hyderabad home. Now, the same has not come for laptops and computers which are considered essential devices for today. In recent times, only when a problem occurs, you know that the laptop is under repair. And then you have to search for a laptop repair expert in Hyderabad. But in the future, the entire information regarding the repair, you may get on your mobile. You can also get information on computer repair engineers who stay near your home.

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