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PC games and mobile games have been the most popular form of indoor games for children across the world. They love to play their favorite PC games on their computers. Best PC games are also known as computer games which are a very popular type of video game. The main characteristic which makes it different from mobile games and other is it has more diverseness and gaming software and hardware determined by a user.

Home computers based games have now become widely popular. But now it has lost its some popularity due to the console games. Talking about the generation of Mobile games, the first generation of PC games was quite a text-based adventure format. Later, as there was a huge advancement of technology, the PC games for window 7 full version have developed their worth and now they are almost loved by every individual across the world.

Games have become an essential part of life for most people. Especially when it comes to children, they’re addicted to different video games. You can educate your children and enhance their cognitive skills by providing them the opportunity to play brain games for kids. It will tease their brain to think out of the box and to come up with different ideas to solve the puzzles.

Coming on to mobile games, mobile games have become popular when there was a huge market of high-speed mobiles and smart-phones. People were experiencing the high speed of mobile devices, high-speed built-in RAM and great storage. Due to all of these advancements in the smart-phone sector, there is tremendous growth in the Mobile games market as compared to PC games.Best PC games 2019

Difference between PC Games & Mobile Games

Most of the people think that PC games and mobile games have no such big difference as it is just a difference in the screen monitor. But this is not so, the PC games and Mobile based games are very different in terms of their graphics, audio, resolution, and other features. Continue reading the article to know the big difference between these two popular categories of games.

  • Size of Team: conventional mobile-based games require almost a team of 12-15 individual. But in the case of PC games, there are typically 2-5 team members that are programmers and designers.
  • The budget of these two games: The PC games are played on a big screen and thus it requires more of resolution and graphic features as compared to the PC games. Mobile games have a budget of less than 100,000$. But coming on to PC games, it has a huge budget which sits between 1.5$million to 5$million dollars.
  • Software development cycle: Most of the conventional PC games take around two to three years in order to develop good games. Most of the mobile-based games are developed in a short span of time as there is less effort and few team members take care of all the task happening.
  • Networking Devices: Unlike PC games, mobile games are limited when talking in terms of their media. But in the case of network multiplayer, the PC games are much higher. Mobile phones are a networked device.
  • Open Standards: The development of the console requires huge authorization and support from the console game manufacturer team. In the PC games, a developer is free to design any sort of games they like.
  • Deployment: most of the mobile games are downloaded and then installed in mobile devices. These games are mostly downloaded over the air network. But the deployments of the PC games are way different from mobile games.

Hence, these were the basic difference between monitor-based games and mobile games.

List of Best PC Games you download Full Version via this Link

People get difficulty in finding the appropriate link to download the best PC games. Here in this article, I will tell you some of the amazing and free links to download the PC games. Continue reading the article to know more.

  • Steam: Steam is a popular downloading game website which is developed by a Valve Corporations. This website is considered to be the largest digital platform to find some of the amazing PC games. Here you will find the single-player and multiplayer games for free.
  • GOG: this website is known as Good old games which are a popular Cypriot digital platform for various types of mobile games and others. You can easily install the game with just one click. Besides, you will get time to time update for the games automatically. Visit their official website to know more.
  • G2A: This website is considered to be the fastest-growing digital marketplace which has around 12 million customers across the world. Here you can easily download your favorite games with a full version for free.
  • Origin: this website is a known and popular website for online gaming and other features.

There are more of the websites to download some of the best PC games for free.

12 Types of Computer Games Every Gamer Must Know that

Everyone must know some of the popular types of PC games. There are now various types and genre-based games launched in the market.

  • Massively Multiplayer Online: it works on LAN or internet connection. Best game to lay so far.
  • Simulations: here it involves the controlling of vehicles.
  • Adventures: you can play as a single-player or in a team. Figure out the mission and complete it.
  • Read Time Strategy: these games need to build up the inventories. It is a real-time game.
  • Puzzle: mostly loved by kids and children of all ages.
  • Action: complete the challenges here by fighting with enemies. The best genre so far.
  • Stealth Shooter: war game type where you have to defeat the enemies.
  • Combat: fight with opponents and win the game.
  • First Person Shooter: FPS is a widely popular genre based PC games.
  • Sports: here, you get a chance of playing real-world sports.
  • Role-playing: People, who love to play the love fantasy game, can switch over to this genre of gaming.
  • Educational: play games while gaining knowledge.

Check out the amazing genre of games.

The Best PC Games to Play Today

Best PC games you can enjoy in 2019 are listed below.

  • Fallout 4
  • Stardew Valley
  • Dark Souls 3
  • Apex Legends
  • Total War-Warhammer 2

Download these games and enjoy.

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