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Modern technologies surround us everywhere, creating a qualitatively new level of comfort in life. Our house is no exception. Innovative smart home systems are increasingly penetrating into everyday life, providing additional comfort and safety, and a variety of leisure activities with the likes of modern Home Entertainment systems. Today, smart home technologies have already ceased to be perceived as a kind of luxury for selected geeks. On the contrary, the capabilities of a smart home have become an urgent need in almost any modern home. After all, up-to-date homes are not just a combination of a beautiful interior with functional furniture. It is also a place of interaction between modern communication and engineering systems that need a convenient and efficient control system, and they actually have it.

Guide for a smart Home
Guide for a smart Home

The smart home system simply relieves a person of many boring routine tasks of managing home equipment and taking charge of the home ecosystem. In principle, intelligent automation with elements of a smart home can be used for a variety of purposes: you can increase the level of domestic comfort in a country house and city apartment, or you can set a goal to save energy resources and reduce costs in office space, hotel complexes, warehouses, etc. At the same time, you can look for ready-for-use automated solutions, like a standing desk with its fantastic feature of adjustability and memory to give you the most convenient positioning.

An automated home is able to provide security, monitor the maintenance of a comfortable temperature in different rooms, is able to block water or gas leakage in an emergency, it will water the lawn on a hot day, etc. Moreover, the “smart home” will do all this on its own, without the slightest human intervention. The system saves not only time spent on routine operations but also reduces heating and electricity costs through flexible control of lighting and the microclimate system.

A Small Guide on What to Buy for Your Home Smartening Up

To equip a smart home, it is not necessary to make repairs and install a bunch of sensors. It is suggested to start with appliances that can be quickly set up and used without any additional equipment. At the same time, the use of smart technology does not require major changes in the design of the house – it is plugged into ordinary sockets or runs on batteries, and is controlled by remotes, buttons on the case, and wirelessly. Here is a small list of smart products you can buy and try today without any challenges in the installation:

  • Smart locks

One of the first elements of a smart home that can be found right at the entrance is a smart lock. This electronic device is installed on top of a conventional electronic or mechanical lock and is remotely controlled from a smartphone. You can install a smart lock on the doors of an apartment, house, or office, garage doors, and even on a barrier.

Most smart locks are equipped with a Bluetooth module and connect to the phone only at a short distance. This is not very convenient, but such a system consumes a minimum of energy and lasts longer from the built-in battery. Wi-Fi can’t be built into smart locks due to high power consumption, and intermediary devices are used to control them over a long distance. A small electronic gadget is plugged into a power outlet and communicates via Bluetooth with an electronic lock. The same device communicates with the phone using Wi-Fi.

  1. Window and door sensors

Typically they are installed on the doors, and in private houses and premises on the ground floor – on the windows. Gadgets control the opening and closing of door and window sashes, performing the following actions:

  • signal transmission to other systems (for example, alarms);
  • turning on the light (when a person returns home);
  • turning off the air conditioner (when opening the window).

Most of these devices are battery-powered and have a compact size.

  1. Surveillance cameras

To control the situation on the premises, you should choose a device such as a smart surveillance camera. With it, you can track what children or pets are doing at home, check the condition of an elderly person, or detect an outsider who has entered the territory of the facility. Some models can keep an event log and save videos not only on a memory card but also in cloud storage.

A smart camera installed on the street will allow you to control the events taking place in the courtyard of a private house. Such a gadget is also useful for the car owner to improve the safety of the car or to check the availability of free parking spaces under the windows.

  1. Climate-smart devices

A modern smart home can provide not only protection and control of the territory but also a comfortable atmosphere on the premises. To do this, the system should include gadgets for climate control – thermostats and special climate systems. In such a way, you’ll be able to increase both the usability of heating and cooling your home and save electricity.

  1. Smart sockets

If you constantly worry about turning off the iron or other household appliance, buying a smart plug is a great solution. This small device, which looks like a regular electrical outlet, can be turned off with a command from a smartphone. A model with a dimmer will help you adjust the brightness of a lamp or a night lamp, and with energy consumption control, you can determine which home appliances consume the most electricity.

Final Verdict on Home Automation

Smart Home is comfortable and safe, saving time, energy, and the family budget. This is a reliable investment in the successful future of your home and family. The connected devices can create a truly comfortable home atmosphere, anticipating and adapting to the needs of people as much as possible. The smart home system saves a person from many household chores and allows more time to be devoted to other activities – sports and education, recreation, and entertainment. Is your home already automated?

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