Essential Tools to Own for Every DIY Home Project


It is never easy to determine whether you want to adopt a DIY or hire a contractor for your home repairs. However, DIY for home repairs has one distinct advantage: it helps you save money and gives you a range of tools that can be used for other projects like car repair, landscape maintenance, home decoration, and more.

Essential Tools for Home
Essential Tools for Home

As such, one of the critical factors for making your DIY successful is to buy these tools from a store like Mektronics.

What Should Your Basic DIY Tool Box Have?


The hammer is perhaps the most versatile tool to own in your DIY essential Tools for Home. Want to nail something to the wall? You need a hammer. Looking to attach two wooden pieces? You need a hammer again. Trying to get off a nail from the wood? Of course, you need a hammer.

Most hammers come with claws opposite their head, which makes them suitable for multiple requirements. They also serve you well for a good whack, such as putting framing lumber to place and breaking up a plaster wall. There are different types of hammers to choose from:

  • Heavy-Duty Hammers: These come with double whacking heads used for heavy operations like nailing big bolts into a metal.
  • Claw: These are regular hammers with a small head for whacking nails or other stuff. The claw head also helps you get off nails from wood and other materials.
  • Demolition: These are suitable for home renovation projects where you are looking to remodel your home by bringing down the walls.


Screws bind many things in your home – they hold together lamps, furniture, doorknobs, outlet covers, and connect cabinet doors. Fixing these will warrant the use of a screwdriver, which facilitates easy screw removal and insertion.

Types of Screwdrivers

  • Flathead: This is suitable for dealing with small screws used in woodworking. The flathead screwdriver mostly deals with small and thick screws that do not demand much turning force.
  • Magnetic: For projects involving small screws that are to be driven deep inside objects, magnetic screwdrivers make a fine choice. With this tool, screws become easier to manage by staying attached to the head until they are screwed down, or you pull them out manually.
  • Interchangeable: if you are not keen on including too many screwdrivers in your toolbox, consider owning an interchangeable one. Here, you only need to shuffle heads based on the patterns you choose to screw.

Air Compressors

These make for handy tools that every homeowner indulging in DIY must own. Regardless of their size, air compressors can be used for various activities like inflating car tires, footballs, air mattresses, or anything that needs to be inflated. Air compressors are also useful in powering air tools like nailers that facilitate your DIY project’s smooth flow.

A Handsaw

It is nothing but a toothed cutting blade attached to a handle. A handsaw is faster and simpler than a power saw and can be used to make quick cuts in the wood. They are available in three varieties – Traditional western, Pruning, and Japanese Pull. They differ by the number of teeth, design, and the efforts needed for operation.

DIY efforts always make your home look amazing and satisfying. But it is nearly impossible to complete the project if you are missing the key tools. Hence, make sure to expand your DIY scope with tools from Mektronics as you develop your skills and watch your endeavour become successful.

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