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What is the best app for making videos for your company? You have no idea?! That have knowledge about how to edit videos for cell phone can be a way to help spread your company on the web and earn even more visibility. For this, you just need the right video editing apps in 2021 and check out our list of the 10 best!

Online Video Editing Apps
Online Video Editing Apps

According to data from YouTube, more than 70 million hours in views of videos on the platform.

Of that number, most people who watch the contents are adults between 18:45 years.

And you know what the explanation of all this success? Or do you ever wonder why people are so fond of watching videos?

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The answer is simple: the ease of interpretation of ideas that the videos offer!

After all, it is much simpler to produce a video for the purpose of explaining the concept or the functioning of something, because it is possible to even create more empathy and connection between the content and the person who is watching.

And this is the part that enters the production of videos for your company, but to ensure quality it takes you to develop some of his skills as a film director.

But don’t worry, because we’re going to show you how to make a video may not be something that hard, although not summarize just write something with a camera.

That’s because there are other important factors in production, such as editing using Viddyoze, which is a part quite responsible for customer engagement with the content.

Then take on the role of Steven Spielberg and come find out how to make that issue worthy of Oscar, but of course, within the objectives of your business.

Take a look at the content that we have prepared to help you on this mission:

Why choose an application to edit video?

What are the benefits of editing videos on a cell phone?

The 10 best apps for editing videos

Light, camera, action: in search of that golden statuette.

Why choose an application to edit video?

Surf the internet these days is something so natural that it’s almost impossible to imagine a more dynamic form of conveying information.

So, companies have increasingly invested in the online environment, since most of the searches for new content is in there.

But, why edit a video with your cell phone?

Well, not always a company can invest in a modern Studio destined to production and editing videos.

After all, we’re going to combine a service aimed at production and editing out slightly expensive.

But there are also cases that the company can’t afford to buy the equipment suitable for production and editing, and that’s where we come in!

If you do not have the professional equipment to record and edit video content, smartphones are there!

And was thinking of making life easier for everyone that application developers have prepared a good video editing program.

That way you can take advantage of the image quality and recording of mobile cameras, which can get up to Full HD and optimize the production process.

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Do you doubt it? Know that the owner of a channel with more than 11 million subscribers, said at first her videos were written and edited by cell phone.

But the efficiency of mobile devices do not boil down only to digital influencers, see?

That’s because many companies can use the resources and the ease of an application to edit videos in their productions.

But what’s in it for me?

Continue reading we’re going to show you what are the benefits of application to edit videos on your cell phone?

What are the benefits of editing videos on a cell phone?

With the development of technology and the various internet access facilities that people have lately, becomes fundamental to your company’s presence in the online world.

But don’t worry!

We’re not saying that we have to abandon all your traditional marketing actions and bet only on digital marketing.

In fact, both marketing models work very well, especially if they are working together.

That is why it is so important to your company to invest in online dissemination platforms, after all if there is a place where your customers are going to be, this place is the web!

And believe me, if you are not present in the news feed of your client, you can bet that the competitor will be!

Therefore, the more present you are in the online environment, the more potential customers you can have and more known to your company will be.

Want to benefit greater than this? Have a company known to all is the dream of every manager, as well as the dream of a Director, is to see your movie box office success around the world.

But, let’s get right to it because if you have something that can help you and have ma ore online presence is the use of videos!

But sometimes there’s no point in recording the videos if you cannot edit them from anywhere.

Therefore, separate a list of 10 of the best models of app to edit videos from the web and so you’ll have an editing Bay in the Palm of your hand.

The 10 best Android apps for editing videos Online in 2021

Take a look at this list of 10 of the best editing apps available on the web and then choose your application to edit videos.

For Android

Cute Cut

The Cute Cut is an application to edit videos available for Android devices.

It works fine in newer versions of Android, though it also has good performance on older models.

It is an application to edit video very common cell phones because it is simple and facilitates the visualization of time lines with all the video has.

In addition, this app to edit movies works as a professional video editing program mixing more than one type of media in the same timeline.

For this reason, the Cute Cut is our first place in the ranking of the program to edit video on a cell phone.

Video Show

No, it’s not the TV Globo program!

The video Show is an application to edit videos considered the number 1:00 pm everyone for being the choice of 180 million people.

That’s because this application to edit video there’s no cost to the user and is very simple to use.

In addition, the content created within that app to edit video have no time limit (something rare in some models of application edit video).

Another great advantage is that for people who seek how to edit videos via cell phone, this app to edit videos is very easy to handle and has many features such as:

Facial recognition;

Selfie filters;

Automatic beautification;

Possible to scribble (drawings) in the content.

Because it’s so versatile, this video editing program is one of the most used in the world by users and is a great way to help your company to have that video content of dreams.


Another application to edit very famous videos on the web is Magisto.

This application to edit video plays videos in minutes and are excellent for editing videos to social networks.

With this app you can edit videos is possible to capture the audience of social networks with a dynamic and well produced material including photos, videos, and music.

The application is very efficient when you search for how to edit videos by cell phone, as it has several slides ready within your interface.

So, the Magisto is today a video editing program with more than 90 million users.

In addition, this program to edit video was elected in 2017 by Consumer Reports as the edit app video 1 number of Americans.

Video Maker

The video Maker is the application to edit videos simpler for those looking to do on their own all the content creation process.

This application to edit video is very common for people who have an interest in learning how to edit videos using the cell phone.

After all, the video Maker has more than 100 themes to create a video model, as well as Windows Movie Maker, a video editing program used for a computer.

That is why the video Maker is one of the best models of app to edit Play Video Store, purchase the application store mobile phones with Android operating system.

Video Cutter

The Video Cutter is a perfect issue app to cut snippets of existing videos and videos to produce.

To be able to use that application to edit video properly, simply choose the media that will be modified and save the file to your Android.

Another feature of this program is that it supports various types of formats and does not add that watermark with the name of the app to edit videos.

Media Converter

The Media Converter is not necessarily an application to edit videos, he’s actually a very useful converter.

This application to edit video, which is actually a converter, helps you modify the extension of a media so that it can be edited later.

So the Media Converter is a video editing program very efficient within companies seeking how to edit videos.

Android Video Editor

Android Video Editor is an application to edit videos in which you can add other types of media, such as music, text and special effects well interesting.

This application to edit video is all designed on the basis of an initial menu in which you can find the shortcuts needed to create a new project.

In addition, this video editing program can deliver excellent quality results whenever you need to create a video content.

That’s why the Android Video Editor is an app to edit videos very common in downloads in the app store.

10 Best Online Videos Editing Apps for IPhone in 2021


The WeVideo is an application for editing videos on the Iphone, but as efficient as the app to edit videos for Android.

That’s because this application to edit video with various models of themes and filters, which help to “decorate” and modify the look of your video to make it even more efficient.

But what is very interesting in that app to edit videos is the possibility to post the contents on the server itself in the video editing program.

So, it allows these same projects be edited within the platform itself without the risk of losing what has been done in the program to edit video.


This application to edit videos can record movies directly through the app instead of importing pictures and videos ready.

The edition made by using this video editing program is similar to the others mentioned in this article, although your interface is different and a bit simpler to use.

This app to edit videos also features several themes, filters, subtitles, slow-motion effects, fast camera, music and many other special effects.

All this within the same program to edit video.


The KineMaster is an application to edit videos for how to edit videos for more advanced form.

But, we’re not talking about effects and filters like the other app to edit videos. Because we’re talking about brightness control, color control and 3D effects to your movie!

In addition, he also has several themes, filters, effects and music which you can add in the movies.

And this video editing program has two versions: free and paid.

In the paid version, your videos are not saved with that watermark as in the case of the version of the program to edit videos.

Well, see how there are different types of app to edit videos for both Android and iOS?

The most interesting is that the vast majority of this type of application to edit videos is free!

So now it’s just choose which application to edit videos want to use and leave for the Academy Award for best editing.

Yes and no…

You can just pick which type of application to edit video you want to use to start the record and edit the videos of your company


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