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You have a PC or laptop at home, or you have to interact with it at work, you know the importance of security. It is something the kids are taught at school nowadays, and some of the older generations had to learn the hard way.

This article won’t invent the wheel or give you crazy suggestions on how to be conscious PC users and avoid unwanted consequences of having no idea what Internet security is. We will check out some good old methods like free antivirus protection for PC, to some pro tips that can save you a dime and a time. Buckle up, this should be interesting.Antivirus

Tales About Internet Security

Of course, for many of us believe that we exist in safe space is a myth on its own, although the technology aiming to prevent any unwanted situations exceeds the expectations. Some believe that “watching out” where you click is enough to stay safe when surfing on the Internet. Some believe that nothing bad can happen if you don’t install antivirus software.

First of all, the most dangerous myth out there is a belief that we have nothing to lose, and our data is insignificant in comparison to ones that may be targeted. When it comes to data and identity stealth, thieves don’t care for your fame, they care for the vulnerability of your system and exploit your information.

The second misbelief is thinking that you can foresee what websites are unsafe, what network may be dangerous, and what links you should avoid. The tricks are countless, so better be prepared and educate yourself.

Life Hack #1 – Install Antivirus Software

Don’t think that Internet security is the expensive cookie too hard to get. There is plenty of free software that will do their best to keep your PC or laptop safe. At the same time, there is a variety of brands that will deliver you the best-extended packs for an adequate price. Check out this best internet security for mac.

Check resources with antivirus reviews, ask your friends, stay in touch with the latest news of the antivirus software world, and your future self will be much grateful for these actions. Install and buy the antivirus that suits the best for your budget and your needs, because it is too careless to think that you will always dodge the traps set out there.

Life Hack #2 – Data Encryption

Use encryption software to save all your data, from files stored locally or in the cloud, to your Internet traffic. Sure, it sounds gibberish for now. It professionals, but you can be sure that this precaution step will ensure that even if a data breach happens, the thieves will not use it in their interest.

Life Hack #3 – Set Spam Filters and IP Blocking Tools

Antivirus software and extensions that come in the package can help you with this one. One in a thousand emails people get every day has a phishing link, which makes it a bit scary even if you are sure you get emails only from trusted sources.

Even worse, you should be cautious not only with your emails but any Internet source with which you interact daily. It may be social media, websites, online magazines because data thieves and spammers get new paths to implement dangerous links out there.

 Life Hack #4 – Use VPN

Once there was an idea that a VPN is used for some shady businesses and searching for content not available for everyone. Well, it’s not. Nowadays, VPN is a matter of secured connection to the public or even trusted networks.

Like many other extensions, VPN may be an independent tool or come in the antivirus package. When using a VPN, your Internet traffic and data will be encrypted and secured, preventing unauthorized third parties from tracking you or interfering, stealing data.

There are a lot of options, so don’t postpone getting a VPN for tomorrow if you can do it today.

 Life Hack#5 – USB Immunizers

Even though OS includes a firewall or not, it is a good idea to install an application that protects your PC from dangerous data. It also means that you can use USB firewall software that secures your hardware as well.

USB immunizers disable autorun threats that can come, surprise, from USB sources. They catch the threat in the mid-air and don’t allow the program to spread and run in your system.

We hope the material was as entertaining as refreshing. Stay safe and secure your PC today.

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