5 Important Phases Of The Construction Process


Most firms go through challenges at first when initiating a construction project. Most of the time, the difficulty is seen when the parties involved try to accomplish goals in the five phases of the construction process.  

A successful construction process is a result of using construction pricing software that helps reduce project costs and ensures you deliver the project professionally. Knowledge of each stage of the construction process needs careful analysis of the individual demands of every step and how they collectively work towards the project’s goals to make it a success.

Building Construction Process
Building Construction Process

Five Phases Of The Construction Project Process

  1.       Initiation Of And Formulation

Some project managers do not know where to begin a project. It would be best if you commenced your operations by assessing the activities and conducting a practicability test. A practicability examination investigates whether the presented solutions coordinate with the primary goals.  

From a comprehensive point of view, describe the project and list feasible solutions to specific requirements. In addition, ensure you do not make all the decisions independently. Ask advice from members of your team. In the end, ensure an ultimate recommended result is pointed out.

When you accept all aspects included in the project, provide a Project Initiation Document. It acts like a plan and features the main idea of the construction project. The last consideration in this process is ensuring you control the whole construction process moderately.

  1.       Planning

Planning and clarification are fundamental to successfully controlling one area or multi-location project. In this phase of a construction project, your staff recognizes the capacity for work and comes up with ways to proceed. As the project manager, you should analyze the resources required and plan a way of getting them.

Ensure the goals you set to follow the rule of SMART”; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely

A strategy that defines the time frames, assignments, and expectations is all seen in this phase. The budget should issue cost approximations for equipment, labor, and materials. 

  1.       Implementation

It would be best if you maximize your time in this phase. A project schedule has to be executed. Successful communication plays a huge responsibility during this phase. See that the budget specified in the planning stage is not neglected. As you oversee the project’s development, record any alterations from the first plan.

A practical Implementation Phase Becomes Successful By;

  1.       Having an experienced team
  2.       Administration of resources
  3.       Job assignments
  4.       Execution of project management strategies
  5.       Improved project agenda.
  6.       Following formulations in place.
  7.       Adjustment of project strategies.
  8.       Performance

This phase occurs concurrently with the implementation process. Performance and tracking ensure that everything moves with the project plan. It is hence a systematic stage that should be reanalyzed during the performance.

Every action of a business construction process from beginning to end should coordinate with the project management strategy. This stage requires daily administration and a team of project and construction managers to trace the progress. Their goal is to ensure that initial agendas are up to execution and to make any proceeding changes as required.

4.      Closing

This is the stage the project has come to finally, where project managers must be prepared to provide outputs to their clients or present a finalized construction project. Leaders of the project assume more significant duties during this phase, as they have to complete each detail of the construction life cycle, from planning to budget to final details on the structure.

When the last supervision is performed, and the project leader acknowledges the closure, the project must be accepted by the customer. The moment the customers approve the project, now the project is closed.    

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