Online Printing vs. Offline Printing: What’s More Viable?


Time equals money, and online digital printing saves lots of time for your business. 

Online printing is a convenient and highly effective tool for printing. We will delve deeper and explore the benefits of online printing and comparative analysis with traditional offline printing. Read through the passage and make an informed decision for your business.

Online Printing vs. Offline Printing
Online Printing vs. Offline Printing

The impact of Industrial revolution 4.0 has affected printing technology, designers and manufacturers like Tru-Cut LLC, and the industry as a whole, significantly. Several businesses have and are adopting digital printing and replacing traditional offline printing. If you are hesitant about online printing, our passage will explain reasons to go digital and bust common myths regarding the digital printing process.

Advantages of Digital Printing


Gone are those days when you have to travel to physical locations to place an order for printing. All you need is a stable internet connection and a digital device (Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, etc.). You can email, download, and share files from any location. The process gives liberty to work from anywhere, better time management, and enhanced business capacity.

Flexibility to print makes digital printing a favorite choice for companies. You can select design, colour, and create a stunning layout for business card printing and several other printing materials.

Faster and Bulk Printing

The online method of printing ensures faster printing in bulk with top-notch quality. You can fulfill orders in record time without human error. Companies are applying digital technologies for custom t-shirt printing, mug printing, cards, and other bulk requirements.

Product Specifications and Descriptions

We are living in an information age where everything is at our fingertips. Online printing service providers understand the need of the hour and share product specifications and details on products like printers, printing machines, etc.

The product description makes it easy to choose the item and complete the entire process. In addition, you will get customer support regarding machine operations, functions, and services.

You will not find these benefits with traditional offline printing. Learn more.

Stable and Affordable Pricing

Prices for offline printing differ from one organization to another. The prices remain volatile, and the final price depends a lot on personal relationships. Whereas with online printing, the cost of printing products is comparatively stable. The prices largely depend upon market trends and involve less personal intervention.

Saves Logistics Cost and Time

You can rely on digital technology for on-time order delivery with a minimum delivery cost. Files can be shared in real-time via file transfer websites or email, depending upon size. The recipient gets file/s instantly.

Printing online saves transport costs, travel time, and related formalities to printing offline. 

Minimum Wastage

Digital printing services do not have a minimum run time. It means businesses can print an exact number of required prints. Online printing eliminates wastage problems; you do not have to arrange extra space to accommodate surplus products and save money for the business.

An instrument for a Larger Market

Printing in offline mode is customized to serve the local market. A set of customers come, order, and take delivery as per their fixed requirements. With online printing, you can target a larger market.

With more than half of the world online and billions of people on social media channels, primarily on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you need to have a strategy to tap these netizens. The online method helps expand business far and wide, brings new customers, and multiplies revenue.

Easy to Customize

The brand is your baby; you need the perfect story to be told. Offline printing offers limited options to do so. However, with online printing, you can easily customize as often as you want before the final soft copy is shared with client/s.

Scope to Innovate and Expand

Online printing can be useful for newer business ideas for expansion like personalized printing, print marketing agencies, direct mailing services, B2C & B2B printing services, etc. The printing industry is exploring further ways to integrate technology to make the process comprehensive and more efficient.

Data Management

Businesses can store client data, order status, quantity, and other vital information. This data bank will be handy for future reference, follow-up, and client servicing.

With offline printing, data management is a tough job to do. There is no provision to store data and use it internally.

Major Types of Methods for Print Online

  • Digital Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Litho Printing
  • Transfer Printing
  • Engraving
  • Embossing
  • Embroider Printing

Let’s Wrap

Online printing provides a cost-efficient, punctual, and highly productive alternative for your business. Digital methods of printing are way better than traditional offline printing. As a business owner, create a user-friendly website with trained & professional customer support for the best online printing experience for your clients and customers.

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