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The Legend of Korra is an American Television Series which is a sequel to Avatar: The Last  Airbender. It was created by Michael Danter DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. The shows started airing on 14th April 2012 and its last episode air on 19th December 2014. The story of the show is set in the same environment as its previous one where people have the ability to bend the elements. The elements like air, water, fire, and earth where a person can only control one element. Likes its predecessor, The Legend of Korra Season was quite appreciated for its storyline and productions. It also won awards like Annie Award, Gracie Award, and a Daytime Emmy Award. It also pushed the boundaries for children’s show where they took some liberties in storytelling while respecting gender and race.

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The Legend of Korra Season 1 to 4 Watch Online Episode or Series on Netflix
The Legend of Korra Season 1 to 4 Watch Online Episode or Series on Netflix

What is the meaning of the Legend of Korra?

The Legend of Korra is divided into four seasons with each season focusing on certain topics.

The first season is Book One: Air in which Korra moves to Republic City where she learns Air bending from Tenzin who is the son of Avatar Aang. There Korra enters the pro-bending league in which she became friends with Asami Sato, Mako, and Bolin who are the heiress to the Future Industries. There is an uprising in the city where people wants equality amongst benders and non-benders which was lead by Amon who strips people of their abilities. After a spiritual meeting with her predecessor Aang, she realizes her own power and helps in restoring the abilities of the victims.

There are Some List of The Legend of Korra Season 1 Episodes

  1. Endgame (23 Jun 2012)
  2. Skeletons in the Closet (23 Jun 2012)
  3. Turning the Tides (16 Jun 2012)
  4. Out of the Past (9 Jun 2012)
  5. When Extremes Meet (2 Jun 2012)
  6. The Aftermath (19 May 2012)
  7. And the Winner Is (12 May 2012)
  8. The Spirit of Competition (5 May 2012)
  9. The Voice in the Night (28 Apr 2012)
  10. The Revelation (21 Apr 2012)
  11. A Leaf in the Wind (14 Apr 2012)
  12. Welcome to Republic City (14 Apr 2012)

The second season Book Two: Spirits starts after six months of the previous season. This season focus on the dark spirits which terrorize the waters. Korra went to her uncle who is the chief of Northern Water Tribe and opens the portals to the Spirit World. Unalaq then started a civil war to seize power in Southern Water but face opposition by his brother Tonraq (Korra’s father).During the fight against her uncle, Korra experience the life of first Avatar who fused his soul with the spirit of light to imprison their opponent. Unalaq free Vaatu, the spirit of darkness which unites and become a Dark Avatar. During her fight, Korra’s link to the previous Avatar is broken. With the help of Junior, she defeats Unalaq and Vaatu which leave the portal to spirit work open.

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There are Some List of The Legend of Korra Season 2 Episodes

  1. Light in the Dark (22 Nov 2013)
  2. Darkness Falls (22 Nov 2013)
  3. Harmonic Convergence (15 Nov 2013)
  4. Night of a Thousand Stars (15 Nov 2013)
  5. A New Spiritual Age (8 Nov 2013)
  6. The Guide (1 Nov 2013)
  7. Beginnings Part 2 (18 Oct 2013)
  8. Beginnings Part 1 (18 Oct 2013)
  9. The Sting (11 Oct 2013)
  10. Peacekeepers (4 Oct 2013)
  11. Civil Wars: Part 2 (27 Sep 2013)
  12. Civil Wars (20 Sep 2013)
  13. The Southern Lights (13 Sep 2013)
  14. Rebel Spirit (13 Sep 2013)

The third season, Book Three:  While Korra and her friends try to recruit the new bender to establish the extinct Air Nomads. Zaheer a criminal who got his new air-bending power Espace from prison along with his allies. He plans to kidnap the avatar but failed to do so after his sister interrupted.

There are Some List of The Legend of Korra Season 3 Episodes

  1. Venom of the Red Lotus (9 Oct 2014)
  2. Enter the Void (9 Oct 2014)
  3. The Ultimatum (8 Oct 2014)
  4. Long Live the Queen (7 Oct 2014)
  5. The Stakeout (6 Oct 2014)
  6. The Terror Within (25 Jul 2014)
  7. Original Airbenders (18 Jul 2014)
  8. Old Wounds (18 Jul 2014)
  9. The Metal Clan (11 Jul 2014)
  10. In Harm’s Way (11 Jul 2014)
  11. The Earth Queen (27 Jun 2014)
  12. Rebirth (27 Jun 2014)
  13. A Breath of Fresh Air (27 Jun 2014)

Fourth and final seasons Book Four: Balance, started after three years from the fight with Zaheer. Korra started to recover from her injuries and started traveling the world but is haunted by fear. During this time the Earth Kindom refuses to give power to the throne to Prince Wu. Kuvira seizer the Suyin’s city where she sets her sight on the United Republic. With the help of Toph Beifong, Korra manages to get free from Zaheer poison. She gets help from Zaheer to overcome her fear and reconnect with Raava, Avatar Spirit. The series ends with democracy in the Earth Kingdom and Korra and Asami going to the Spirit World for a vacation.

There are Some List of The Legend of Korra Season 4 Episodes

  1. The Last Stand (19 Dec 2014)
  2. Day of the Colossus (19 Dec 2014)
  3. Kuvira’s Gambit (19 Dec 2014)
  4. Operation: Beifong (19 Dec 2014)
  5. Beyond the Wilds (28 Nov 2014)
  6. Remembrances (12 Dec 2014)
  7. Reunion (12 Dec 2014)
  8. Battle of Zaofu (7 Nov 2014)
  9. Enemy at the Gates (5 Dec 2014)
  10. The Calling (5 Dec 2014)
  11. The Coronation (28 Nov 2014)
  12. Korra Alone (10 Oct 2014)
  13. After All These Years (3 Oct 2014)

How many episode & season make the legend of Korra Series?

The Legend of Korra consists of four seasons with a total of 52 episodes. Due to the show consisting death which is not shown in children show it aired its first two season online. For the third season, it got released on the television. While the show enjoyed immense popularity online due to its unique content. This was one of the few children show which shows a female as a lead. Most of the heroes from children shows are white which was the main concern for many people. This show pushed various boundaries for children shows to make it much better and interesting. Read also about Akame ga kill season 2

Who are the Main Characters of the Legend of Korra?

The protagonist of the show The Legend of Korra Main Characters who is the next Avatar succeeding Aang who was the protagonist of its prequel. Korra is talented and eager to learn various things. The show focus on her transformation from being a hot-headed warrior to become a spiritual being is the journey of The Legend of Korra. She also has an animal companion named Naga who is a polar bear dog.

The two brothers, Mako, and Bolin are also benders, the elder brother is a fire-bender and the younger brother Bolinj is an earth bender. While the older brother is often dark and brooding but the younger brother is humorous and lighthearted. Asami Sato is the only non-bender of the group and she is the daughter Hiroshi Sato who is a wealthy industrialist. Tenzin (Aang’s son) and his family are also one of the main characters of the show.

Is The Legend of Korra Game Available Online?

The Legend of Korra game was released on 21st October 2014 and is a third-person action video game. The was developed by Platinum Games and was published by Activation. It is safe to play the game but you need to download it from a third party website as it is not available officially. The game is of the same name as the television show. The game can be played on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Window, Play station 3, and Play station 4. There is another video game The Legend of Korra: A New Era Begins which for Nintendo 3DS and a turn-based strategy game. On 21st December 2017, the game was removed from all the digital stores and is not available anymore. People who looking for Watch The Legend of Korra on Putlocker, Kisscartoon, Kissanime and 123movies without any signup.

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