Types of Caps and Their Origin


Why Do You Need A Hat Guide?

Hats are an all-time popular accessory that compliments your overall look. There are many names for hats such as safari, gambler, bowler, fedora, etc. People often do not know their names and fail to recognize the style. Because of this, they end up mixing the style that they want with one that they are seeing. This is a guide for you to know about hats and their origins so that next time when you pick a hat, you know what style is it.

Types of Caps and Their Origin
Types of Caps and Their Origin

In today’s fashion world, there are many new styles and fashion accessories that keep changing every day. If we talk about hats, there are very small differences between all the styles. Everyone has different opinions when it comes to styles. Even the manufacturers sometimes mix up the names and styles. It is rare to see someone wearing a hat that people used to wear in the old days, centuries back, but still many people have their own taste and prefer wearing it no matter what year it is. It is all about your preference. Here is where you should buy promotional hats.

Here we are going to talk about the most popular hat styles. These are the ones that a genuine hat maker and hat lover will know about.  Let’s begin.


It is a wintertime warmer that was first worn in the 1940s. Bean is basically an American slang of the 20th century that was used for the head. In baseball lingo, a pitch that is thrown at the head of a batter is called a pitch. This term was adopted to use generally for the head. This hat is called tuque (French Toque) by most Canadians, and it is also used for a great variety of brimless hats. It is a close-fitting, knitted cap that is made up of cotton or wool.


These can be linked to U.S. Army Special Forces or Parisian fashionistas. But Basque peasants were one who wore them first. This word came into the English language from the French language and also had its traces back to Latin birrus. Birrus was actually a type of hooded cloak and not a hat.


They remind of Victorian London. These are the hats that are probably named after William Bowler and Thomas. They were milliners and are famous because a patent for ‘improvements on hats and other coverings for the head’ was sought by them. Bowl, on the other hand, is a word in English that was used for things that were spherical in shape, and as heads are round. So now you know how it happened.


It is a bell-shaped hat. In French, cloche means ‘bell’. The term cloche is from clocca, which is Latin for the bell, and which could tell the time, hence clock in English.


Most of us will recognize this style by its name and the person who wore it; Sherlock Holmes. Actually, it is called deerstalker which, in British, means stealthy hunter of deer. The hat was never put on the character’s head by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It was Sidney Paget, the illustrator, who did it. Who knew the hat would become famous just because it was worn by Sherlock.


Bowler hat will be known as Derby by most Americans. An annual horse race was started in the year 1780, by the Derby’s 12th Earl, in England, near Epsom. Male spectators used to wear sporting hats, also known as derbies. The most likely meaning for the term Derby is ‘deer village’ which is formed by joining ‘deor’ from Old English and ‘town’ by Scandinavian byr.


It the name is taken from a play ‘Fedora’. It became well-known in the United States in the year 1880 and onwards. It was a drama that was written by Victoria Sardou featuring a Princess of Russia whose name was Fedora Romanoff. This character was played by a French actress names Sarah Bernhardt. According to a story, the actress donned a hat of this kind during the play’s performances. The term Fedora is Theodore/Theodora’s variation which is Greek for ‘gift of god’.


Hats are worn for many reasons involving fashion trends, functions, and also for special occasions. One of these special occasions is the graduate’s mortarboard. According to the Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology, a mortarboard is like a square mason’s board for carrying mortar. These hats are probably inspired by birettas that were worn by the Catholic clergy.


Mortarboards are not the only hats that are named because of their shapes. Porkpie is also a kind that has a unique shape, i.e. short, flat top, full brim. It appears similar to the shape of porkpie, which is a British dish.


If we forget about occasions or fashion trends, what exactly is the purpose of wearing hats? Probably to cover your head and shade provision. This is exactly what broad-brimmed sombrero hats do. Their derivation and design is the reflection of this purpose. Sombrero comes from Sombra of Spanish, from subumbrare of Latin, which means ‘to shadow’.


Trilbies and Fedoras have so much in common. People often confused one for another. And also because these both types have been named after literary characters. A novel in 1894 that was written by George du Maurier was named Trilby, and its protagonist was called Trilby. The story’s London staging is when Trilby wore this hat. Since then, the hat becomes known by this name.


This is one of the most timeless and beautiful styles of hats. These hats come from Ecuador and not Panama. These hats were worn by everyone during the Panama Canal’s construction, and as if it was some kind of tradition, hence these hats began to be known by this name. These hats are characterized by their material, i.e. Tequila Straw.

Cowboy or Western

It is an American icon and when worn anywhere in the world, will be easily recognized. These are made up of felt straw, leather and their brims are wide. In some shapes, at the sides, the brim is turned up, while in some shape, the brim is flat. They also have variations in crown shapes such as C, teardrop, or pinch crown.


There are many more types of hats, and their origins are as interesting as their names. The design of hats has evolved with time, but of course, one thing about them remains the same, and that is wearing them to cover your head and create a shade for the comfort of your eyes.

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