What you should include in your Compendium?


Whether it’s a corporate event or a conference, one item can fulfill the needs of both a host and an attendee. That useful item is a compendium!

It is a tool that helps businesses market themselves out in the most obvious yet acceptable manner. With logos printed, engraved, or embossed, this item is a smart way to bring a brand name beyond the business world. It is the most direct form of marketing that is acceptable and not frowned upon by the clients or consumers.

Therefore, if you are arranging a corporate event, a formal conference, or any other form of business-related event, make sure you get customized promotional compendiums with your company’s logo on it!

Not only can the businesses benefit, but even the staff or the conference attendees who receive these can enjoy its applications. It includes all the basic items that one might need while working or attending a class.

What you should include in your Compendium
What you should include in your Compendium

A single item can help businesses market themselves and even fulfill the everyday office needs of the users.

A compendium is not only a suitable choice for events, but you can even distribute them among your workers. Moreover, you can get one for yourself, because a compendium is a very useful tool!

There are several items and features that you can look for in a compendium that you are planning to present to the attendees or employees.

A Notepad

One crucial element that you must definitely include in your compendium is a notepad. Even if you want it for your personal use, a notepad in compendium comes in very handy.

At some point in life, all of us have lost a notepad with important contact numbers or information on them. When you have compendium with a notepad, the chances of losing it are minimal. A compendium is easy to locate in a stack of books and other notepads. It is what reduces the chances of a notepad getting lost.

If you are heading out to attend a class or an important conference, you do not have to carry a backpack. You can simply carry a compendium around as it is very portable and easy to carry.

A Pen Loop and a Pen

No matter how many pens you buy, you will always lose it when you actually need one. Trust us when we say that you are not alone. Losing a pen is something we cannot escape from, regardless of how careful we are with them.

Including a pen loop and a pen is a must in compendiums. Whether you are getting one for your employees, professional peers, or for yourself, a pen loop in a compendium will ensure that you or any other user never loses a pen.

Card Holders

Another element that you must include in your compendium is a cardholder.

During conferences and corporate events, networking is very common. Business owners meet their competitors, investors, and even some notable vendors. It is obvious that we cannot remember all these names, and forgetting some important names can even mean a missed opportunity.

The availability of a cardholder right in front of you can make things very easy for you and others using the compendium. You can safely keep the important business cards in the cardholders, which saves your time and even minimizes the effort. With compendium in your hand, it gets tough to take out your wallet and place a business card there.

A compendium with a cardholder will make networking easy, simple, and very convenient, which is the primary purpose of the majority of the attendees of a conference or a corporate event.

Document Sleeve

Many compendiums include a document storing compartment on either of the flaps. Sometimes it is underneath the notepad, and sometimes you can find it on the other flap. It is a very useful element that you must include in your compendium.

You can store the brochures of your company in it, and if you are carrying it to your interview, you can use it to hold your qualification documents and resume. If you think about it, a document carrying compartment can really help!

A Calculator

Including a calculator in a compendium is a very smart option, and it is great for doing on-the-spot calculations. It is very helpful for corporate entities who are networking with their clients and providing them with immediate quotations of the services.

You never know when you end up in a situation where you have to make some big calculations. Therefore, preparing for the worst is what you need to do, especially if your mathematical skills are not that impressive.

An iPad or a Tablet Holder

When you head out in the market to purchase a compendium, you might come across compendiums that feature a zipper design. These compendiums are very useful as you can easily store your tech devices in it very safely. It will protect your iPad, tablet, or even your smartphone from falling and will even reduce the chances of you losing them.

These zippers can hold your devices with ease, and you can even find ones that have a dedicated compartment for your device. You can easily carry around your tech-device in your compendium.

Brand Logo or Company Name

Purchasing compendiums to present to your staff members, event attendees, students, or professional peers as a giveaway at your corporate event or conference? You might want to include your brand’s logo or the name of your business.

By including your logo or company name, you can directly market your business to not only the event attendees but also to those who were not part of the event. There are chances that the ones who were present at your event might carry the compendium around.

These are the must-include items in your compendium. If you include the right items, you can turn a compendium into a very useful tool. With a logo on it, you will get a chance to promote your business’ name and market your services. Choosing a compendium as a corporate event or any other formal gathering giveaway is the smartest option.


You can not only use the compendium as a marketing tool, but you can provide the attendees with a useful item. The chances that compendium ends up in trash are close to zero as no one throws away a tool that can offer them such a high degree of convenience.

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