Undisputable Logic Puzzles Loved By The Developer Community


Logic puzzles are quite favored in the developer community for the very reason that these are simple and can easily be solved with straightforward logic. The process is very much how a developer is required to think and act in real life.

One isn’t forced to make assumptions or arrive at any complicated calculations based on randomness. Logic puzzles leave no room for disagreement or confusion – at the max, there are one or two solutions. The levels may be easy or difficult, and finding the best possible solution despite a few repeats is the essence of logic puzzles.

Undisputable Logic Puzzles
Undisputable Logic Puzzles

The following three puzzles are amongst the choicest and most popular for so many developers out there:

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Also, popularly called Nonogram and Picross, the Hanjie picture puzzle is an exciting and classic Japanese crossword. It’s easy to play but hard to master. The game requires you to paint or cross off the squares on a grid, based on the numerical clues given on the top and left sides. Once you paint the right squares, the grid unleashes a hidden pixel image. Usually, Hanjie has a binary picture, but more recent games also offer you color-coded extra fun and challenging levels. With time and practice, you start recognizing patterns and techniques, and the gameplay gets engaging. The hope of seeing the resulting image is the appeal of the game. And it also won’t be wrong to say that the game isn’t just about reaching the solution but also the process.

  1. Cut The Rope Series

For those you love playing less violent or less complicated games, Cut The Rope series is excellent for you! Your aim is to help the cute, frog-like monster to eat his candy. So balance the candy, cut the rope, and feed the monster. It sounds easy, but the levels will keep you on your toes. The moment monster eats the candy; you progress to the next level. Each series has a different interface and rewards, but the thrill and excitement feel the same every time; in fact, it just gets better! The game is, to date, one of the most popular amongst mobile game players and developers.

  1. 2048

Very much like Hanjie, this puzzle too comes from the family of the top best games. If you’ve played Threes!, you will also enjoy 2048. It’s exciting and opts for grid-based gameplay. Your goal is to step by step, swipe all the tiles on the grid, and reach the answer 2048. When you move and touch two tiles, they merge and result in one number. Combining more such tiles, making it even larger, is the ultimate objective. If you fail to reach 2048, you lose. But once you get the hang of the rules, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy it. Also, the endless mode keeps you hooked to the game – you can make 2048, 4096, 6144, and so on.

There you go. These are the top best logic puzzles that are quite famous amongst developers for their concept, gameplay, interface, rules, ease of use, etc. Hanjie is our personal favorite – let us know the ones you like.

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