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Welcome again! What’s new in the developer’s world?  In today’s world, the development of web applications and games is not at the last place and every programmer wants to acquire such skills. In this article, you will read about the famous AngularJS framework with which you can develop almost anything! Why so? Read on and find out!

The infrastructure of JavaScript is a buzzword these days. Every developer is interested in these frameworks and thinks about their development. Many of the debates about the best solvent. Why do we need frameworks at all? If you do not know what the JavaScript platform is, this is the technology that offers us the proper tools for creating a web application. As well as defining how it should be designed and how the code should be properly organized. Most JavaScript systems are very compressed, which means they have their own philosophy of how a web application should be built. And you may need to take some time to learn the basic concepts.

AngularJS for Web
AngularJS for Web Development

In fact, JavaScript frameworks appeared not so long ago Earlier, there were times when websites were built with poorly structured code, in many cases, it was with jQuery support, however, the client-side UI became more complex and JavaScript’s reputation has changed from one that only games were written to, that was used to create interactivity or animation of your page. New websites rely hardly on JavaScript and the need to organize them properly. Also, don’t forget to test your code. And you may need to take some time to learn the basic concepts from the best app design firm.

Thus, front-end frameworks became popular and currently, there are at least 10 of them. But let’s talk in more detail about AngularJS, because it is one of the most successful frameworks. Angular used to be ‘the best berry in the field’ among JavaScript frameworks since it was originally introduced by Google in 2012. It was built with the model-view-controller (MVC) concept in mind, although the authors of the structure often called it model-view and ended with an asterisk (MV*) or even a model-view-whatever. The structure, written on the basis of virgin JavaScript, was assumed to decouple the application logic using the DOM-manipulation and dynamically updating pages. However, it was not very obsessive.

You could only have one section of the page managed by AngularJS. This framework implements many powerful features that enable the developer to easily develop extensive single-page applications. In particular, a new and curious concept of data binding was introduced which meant that the view was automatically updated whenever the model and data changed, and vice versa. In addition, the idea of directives was presented, which allowed us to come up with our own html tags. For example, you can write a calendar, this is a custom tag that is processed by AngularJS and transforms into a high-grade calendar as described in the base code.

Undoubtedly your task would be to write the appropriate directives. Another paramount thing is the dependency injection, which allowed us to link the components of the application in a way that makes it easier to repeat and test the code. AngularJS gained popularity and a large audience with incredible speed.

What are the advantages of Angular?

  • supported on different platforms: mobile phones, computer applications;
  • it is powerful, modern, has a pleasant system;
  • suggests you not only toolkits but also design patterns to create your project;
  • when an Angular application is created correctly, you don’t get any confusion of class methods that are difficult to change and even more difficult to test; your code will be conveniently structured;
  • you get special features that will help create the right project.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel because with Angular you already have a lot of tools to start developing the application right now. You have directives for the dynamic behavior of html elements, you can activate forms using forms control and enter various validation rules. You can lightly send asynchronous http requests of various types and can set up routing without much effort.

There are many more useful things that Angular has to offer us. The components are decoupled here, because it seeks to remove the tight connection between the various components of the application. All DOM manipulations take place where it should happen. Testing is in the spotlight because Angular applications must be rigorously tested and support both unit testing and end-to-end testing. Angular is mobile and desktop, which means you have one framework for multiple platforms.


So, I can say that AngularJS is not just a framework, but a platform that allows developers to create applications for the web, mobile devices, desktop applications as well as games. But I must say that Angular is a rather complex structure with its own philosophy that can be a little difficult for beginners.

It takes quite a few hours of work to figure out and get used to, but learning the concept of the basics is not the only challenge. Moreover, you should be comfortable with several additional technologies. As a result, you will gain very valuable knowledge and be able to develop complex applications with confidence and get a decent salary for your work.

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