Useful Frameworks for Developing an Android Application


The ranking of Smartphone usage is ascending rapidly and along with the new advancements in the technology-driven world, there are increasing demands of creating more mobile applications. It is a known fact that 81.77 percent of the people are likely to use Android which is why the best software development companies are working very hard to meet the user’s needs by developing a number of Android applications.

Useful Frameworks for Developing an Android Application
Useful Frameworks for Developing an Android Application

Developing an Android app is not an easy task. There is a series of phases that developers need to overcome in order to achieve the desired application they are creating. Moreover, it takes plenty of time, effort, resources, and energy to develop an application. At first, an application requires a basic structure through which it is going to be programmed. This structure is known as a framework. There are many frameworks in the developing world but let us focus on the useful and effective ones.

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Every application does not require a huge amount of time and money. There is plenty of useful frameworks that are likely to reduce the resources spent. However, the resources required for an application are dependent on its complexity which is why there are various frameworks available which play a vital role in the development process to make an application simpler, easier and cost-efficient.

The following are the useful and effective frameworks which are helpful in assisting the developers in producing faster yet cost-efficient applications.


Retrofit is a framework that permits a flawless interchange of the data between the client’s server and the application used for backend interaction. The amazing type-safe HTTP client for Android applications minimizes the need to correct the explication of inquiries delivered over the network. It also minimizes the need to specify the parameters properly, deliver functionalities for creating effective response along with customized headers, file uploads and downloading of XML or JSON data from the web API as it makes it easy to consume the JSON or XML data.


ReactiveX has proven to be one of the innovative frameworks in practical programming by making it simpler and efficient to unite the front-end and backend with a blend of observer pattern and functional programming. There is a built-in mechanism present in ReactiveX which systematically overcomes the faults and errors. This mechanism is considered very powerful. Moreover, this framework has the ability to look for errors in asynchronous computation which can be easily simplified using observables and schedulers.


The realm is an effective framework that efficiently reduces the time taken for the development of any application as it has replaced hefty SQLite and core data. This framework has the ability to save the data in time, enabling the process of app development to be completed in half the time. Realm provides two-way data synchronization, offline experience and real-time association, which can be included in 10 lines of code. It creates your application in limited time along with amazing features and if your application takes weeks of the development process, this enables you to develop apps quickly.


This framework is one of the most popular ones as it unites the clients and provides them with easy transactions with all the payment methods such as Apple pay, Android pay, Pay Pal and Bitcoin in the mobile application. Braintree approves transactions from all the countries and makes sure they are carried out in a safe and secure way to avoid any sort of data theft problem.


What makes an application successful? Well, the answer is very simple. If an application is bug-free and provides the users with amazing user experience then the app allows you success. Crashlytics is an amazing framework that provides detailed and elaborated crash reports to the developers on priority which helps them to remove bugs in time. It is likely that during the development process an application might crash anytime which is why it is extremely important to detect the bugs in the app and remove it promptly. Furthermore, this framework provides prominent insights of the line of code which serves as the reason for the application to crash without overstuffing the app with unnecessary data.


The Appcelerator framework utilizes JavaScript to create and develop a native application. Native applications are those apps that can be functional either on Android, iOS or web. The Titanium SDK delivers straight access to native APIs via JavaScript which ultimately aids in manufacturing and transporting the Android mobile apps along with better and enhanced user experience. In recent research, it was said that approximately 10 percent of the Smartphones work over Titanium-based apps worldwide.

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