Five Reasons Why Videos Games Might Be Good For You


Often video games are condemned, citing that they cause players to waste time and are addictive. However, most people do not appreciate that video games engage our minds in ways that reading or watching cannot.

Videos Games Might Be Good For You
Video Games Might Be Good For You

Video games require one’s full concentration, and it is when our brains are fully engaged, good things start to happen. 

Help You Regain Control of your Memory 

Research shows playing video games helps control flashbacks of past trauma. While playing pattern matching games such as Tetris and Candy Crush, the brain’s visual processing part is so engaged that involuntary visual memories are severely disrupted.  

Break A Bad Habit

Surprisingly, playing video games may be the solution to that bad habit you have been trying to curb. Research shows addictive behaviors arise around rewards. Admittedly, no one smokes or eats an entire pint of ice cream because they hate how nicotine or sugar makes them feel. 

While there are so many products designed to help individuals fight addiction, playing video games is a significant solution. Studies show that completing a video game activates the same pathway as most addictive substances, from carbs and sugar to nicotine. 

Many video games offer rewards for completing tasks, giving you similar euphoria. Thus, the next time you have a craving, play a video game first – you could even check out sites like to help you choose the best character builds to play as if you are looking to play a role-playing game like Diablo 2. Highly addictive and highly engaging, video games of all types can help you curb your need for a ciggy or will keep you from biting your nails with positive reinforcement.

Exercise Your  Memory 

Playing a video game demands excellent visual and aural memory. You listen or read the game’s instructions at the beginning of the game and are required to remember them throughout the game. 

It would also help if you mastered the keys on your keyboard or keypad to swiftly move your characters. This, in turn, enhances your memory, whether short or long-term. 

Enhances the Brain’s Speed 

As you play, your mind receives multiple aural and visual stimulations and is expected to interpret them so you can respond appropriately and swiftly. Research shows individuals who regularly play video games process and interpret stimulators more than others. This way, your brain is kept active and always ready to analyze and find solutions. 

Boosts Your Multitasking Skills 

Remember the last time you played a video game? You may not have been observant, but you were required to gaze at your screen while simultaneously moving your joystick or keys. 

The same individual is expected to interpret the various features on the screen, such as opponents, ammunition, and changes in energy levels. All these activities are vital to ensuring you stay ahead of your competitor and enhancing your multitasking skills


While there is no denying that video games have their shortcomings, it is also evident the many benefits that come with it.  Always remember that anything done excessively is no longer beneficial but poisonous. Therefore, even as you cite the health benefits of video games as your reason for playing, engage in moderation.

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