4 Best Horror Movies to Watch during Covid-19 Lockdown


The horrors of Covid-19 are not over yet. Since the beginning of 2020, we have all been stuck in our homes. From kids to adults and senior citizens, no matter what profession is associated with, no one knows when the pandemic will come to a halt.

The majority of people are finding new ways to keep themselves busy. Few people are involved in playing indoor games, while others are busy watching movies, TV shows, documentaries, and online gaming. In some way or another, we are all reliant on a high-speed internet connection to keep ourselves busy. The credit goes to – good ISPs – AT&T Internet being at the top, offering seamless internet connection in times of crisis.

Things are not coming to an end soon, and that is why we are going to recommend some of the best horror movies to watch during the lockdown season, which you can check out via websites like hellhorror.com and many more. Let’s get started.

4 Best Horror Movies
4 Best Horror Movies to Watch during Covid-19 Lockdown

1.      The Shining

The Shining is one of the most popular psychological horror movies from the 80s directed by Stanley Kubrick. The main cast includes Danny Lloyd, Jack Nicholson, and Shelly Duvall. Nicholson (Jack Torrance), a writer and a teacher has accepted to take care of an isolated hotel in Colorado Rockies. However, the hotel has a dark past that puts everyone in a nervy situation. Jack has also turned violent, while his son Danny uses the talent of “The Shining” to tell people what is going on in the hotel.

Do not expect too much from the movie, if you are watching because of a gem inspired by Stephen King’s novel. However, The Shinning is loaded with full of twists, thrills, and shrills. Spending time with your family during the Covid-19 lockdown watching this movie would keep you on the edge of your seat.

2.      Pontypool

Pontypool is a Canadian horror movie directed by Bruce McDonald, starring Georgina Reilly, Stephen McHattie, and Lisa Houle. If you are looking at everything in one movie, just go for Pontypool because it’s a mix of zombie, quarantine and infection movies.

The movie is a low-budget horror movie and everything is filmed in one room. Don’t expect too much of it, but one thing is for sure – you will enjoy watching the movie. The film revolves around a radio DJ who is reporting and unfolding the outbreak of some kind of virus outside the window. The movie is well-crafted and scripted that holds you on the edge of your couch. Watch the movie, if you want to feel the real panic of the pandemic during the Covid-19 lockdown.

3.      The Loved Ones

Horror genre fans would never regret watching The Loved Ones written and directed by Sean Byrne, starring John Brumpton, Xavier Samuel, and Robin McLeavy. The movie, in the beginning, looks like a typical kidnap movie but turns out to be a surprise later on.

The movie centers on a teenage boy annoyed and frustrated by his father’s death. His girlfriend takes the boy out of the turmoil. But another girl is also stalking him and when the boy rejects the proposal to go to prom with her, things turned out to be violent. She plans wild revenge against the boy. The movie is a good time killer during the COVID-19 lockdown.

4.      Outbreak

Corona has gripped the world and has put everything to a halt. But sometimes killer movies and flicks would keep you engaged during the lockdown and Outbreak is surely one of them. It is not a typical horror movie, but we think that this movie is surely worth mentioning.

The movie’s main cast includes Morgan Freeman, Dustin Hoffman, and Rene Russo.

The outbreak is a typical movie about the spread of the virus brought to America by an African Monkey. Army doctors are working day in and day out to find the cure for the virus. What makes the movie great is the cast which includes Morgan Freeman and Dustin Hoffman and a well-crafted script. It’s up to you whether you want to watch Outbreak or not during the Covid-19 lockdown because it does not contain any shrills and thrills that you might expect from a horror movie.

Summing Up

It’s already been six months since the Covid-19 outbreak. No one knows when things will get back to normal. Instead of thinking about the pandemic all the time, it is better to spend time keeping yourself busy with movies, TV series, and documentaries.

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