6 Benefits of Implementing Career and Development Plans in Your Company


Have you thought about the reasons that generate staff turnover in organizations? One of the issues that most motivate a person to change jobs is the feeling that they have no clarity about their Career and Development Plans and growth in the company where they work. This is mainly due to two very important factors:

1) The collaborator is not aware of the direction the company is taking.

2) There has been no communication with your direct manager about his development in the company or the competencies that he must potentiate in order to achieve better opportunities.

When these situations happen, it is very likely that there will be a flight of personnel that adds value to your company, something that you cannot afford to have. So, how to retain those collaborators? , the key is to implement a career plan and development for each of your employees.

What is a career and Development Plan?

The career plan of a collaborator of your company is the process linked to the management of your human talent that contributes to future planning development and growth that can be achieved through guidance, accompaniment and adequate training with respect to opportunities within the company. In this way, the worker establishes his professional goals and must be able to identify the means by which he will reach them with the help of the organization.

Usually, this planning consists of two protagonists with particular interests:

  • The company: Interested in having personnel prepared for more responsible work positions when vacancies are presented or new opportunities are opened.
  • The collaborator: Interested in growing professionally and reaching higher positions and remuneration.

At present, the structures of the organizations are in movement and they must adapt to the changing market conditions. In order for businesses and industries to move forward, they must be open to change. And this is the same for industries across the board. From the beauty industry to the car dealership industry (where employees may need to have the relevant license or temporary tags or metal dealer plates knowledge in order to trade), it forces companies to rethink their strategy. This will include the profiles of the jobs they advertise as well as how they will develop new skills and abilities for human capital so they are prepared to respond effectively to new demands.

It is of great importance that these plans are shared and known by the collaborators that are based on clear, fair and equitable policies, in the same way, it is fundamental that there are the means and mechanisms to allow employees access to the development of both competencies and of the knowledge required especially jobs in Pakistan. Do not forget that it is key that senior management supports and supports compliance with these policies.

To create a career plan and development it is essential that you have:

  • Name of the employee.
  • Age.
  • Level of studies.
  • The current position held in the company.
  • Possible positions to play in the future.
  • Years working in the organization.
  • Strengths and weaknesses to strengthen and strengthen.
  • Competencies required.
  • Training and training you need.
  • Results of your performance evaluation

The success of an organization is based on the preparation and future specialization of its team. The correct management of career and succession will allow you to generate professional development plans that compare current and future talent needs with internal and external candidates, in the same way, it allows you to strategically plan to align the individual aspirations of your employees with the needs and objectives of the company.

Benefits of implementing a career and Development plan for your Employees

Planning and career development is a business management tool that has had a major boom in organizations because employees want not only to have a job but feel they have a support guide that will help them achieve their goals made as people and as professionals.

There are multiple benefits for companies that decide to implement career and development plans for their work team, among others we present the following:

  1. It allows aligning the strategies of the organization with the personnel when preparing them in a better way for the positions that are planned that will be created by the company.
  2. It allows the development of employees through promotions counting on the human talent within the same company, identifying the requirements to access positions of greater responsibility.
  3. It reduces the turnover rate by providing employees with a work path of growth and a sense of security, as well as reducing uncertainty about their professional development.
  4. It helps the company to have the ability to retain valuable human talent by providing development opportunities, avoiding that when they seek a change in their work, they do so outside the organization.
  5. Increase the commitment and productivity of your collaborators by giving them more than tasks and activities, significant careers with goals to fulfill. This generates a feeling of recognition and appreciation on the part of the company towards their knowledge and effort.
  6. It reinforces the positive image of the organization when considered a recommendable place to work since it cares about the development and welfare of its employees.

Remember that the important thing is to generate in your collaborators the culture that each person is responsible for the development of their own professional career using the tools that the company gives them to communicate their expectations and gather the knowledge and skills they need to reach higher positions. . On the other hand, it is recommended that organizations transmit to their collaborators in a clear way the career lines that exist, and seek to generate internal movements through promotions and calls, this with the purpose of generating new learning opportunities and motivation for the work team.

Lean on top-level technology solutions such as Success Factors that will help you to carry out this process in a more efficient and coordinated way, so you can build solid foundations for the professional development of your human talent within the company and at the same time have the confidence of having a team prepared to grow together with the company.

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