A Study on the Effectiveness of E-Learning on Higher Education


As we are in a modern digital era in every field we can see the positive effect of technology and the internet. It really helped to standardize our living condition and also our thought process. It helped to enhance our learning quality and also helped to achieve what we want in an easy way. Learning is electronic learning. In the olden days when students used materials and libraries as their learning aid like that in this technological era, people use e-learning to enhance their learning ability. In the learning process, technological devices are used and given importance to electronic devices. By using electronic devices in the effectiveness of E-Learning process it helped students and also teachers to enhance their learning and teaching process.

A Study on the Effectiveness of E-Learning on Higher Education
A Study on the Effectiveness of E-Learning on Higher Education

As we all know everyone has their own dreams and aims but at some point they have to give up their aim and passion and have to concentrate on earning’s such students and people are really use E-learning process to achieve their dreams which were ones stopped and by using E-learning they can continue their studies and also apply for a particular subject in which they are interested passionately.

In olden days E-learning was not much used and discussed but in this fast technological era, people started to adopt the new concept of E-learning and moving to follow its rules and regulations as it has become an integral part in life. To continue with higher studies and to complete graduation and also to select some professional courses, in every stage e-learning is helping individuals. They can learn when they earn. More than 80%of students involve in e-learning because it merely satisfies everyone’s needs and gives priority to everyone.

Offers different types of courses

In olden days E-learning courses are limited to numbers. But now as the popularity of e-learning is increasing so they are offering different types of courses to satisfy students. They can select any course they want their interest was taken into consideration. Students are highly satisfied with web-based learning aids. When they get different types of course and selection was up to them it really encourages students to achieve their dream.

Materials are given online

They have all the materials and reference book or paper they need. Students don’t need to worry about the learning materials. Without any confusion, they will get all the materials and information’s regarding subject and regarding the particular concept. They can study when they need and when they feel that they can study no forces over them. If they want to study early morning or late at night online materials are always available. They will get the online tutorial class in which they can participate actively. If they want to record that lecture section you can save it and can view it when you are free and listen to it again and again.

Helps teachers to adopt new Techniques

It helps not only students but also teachers to adopt new technology and skills in the classroom. They can use technical devices and another online lecturing in the classroom which will make the teaching process more interesting activities. Students always wish some reformations in their educational system. When a teacher goes hand in hand with new technological devices it will be a positive mark on teacher and students automatically will show interest in learning and will participate actively. Teachers will also get training session by using the internet and they can also refer to online lecturing and online materials to make their teaching more effective and enhance the learning quality of students.

Enhance the quality of Education

When teacher uses technological devices in the classroom naturally it will enhance the quality of education. When a student goes to higher studies they need quality education and also quality teaching method. If the teacher follows the old method it will not suit the standard of the classroom in this present technological era. So the teacher has to use some new techniques and skills to attract students and to grasp their concentration. By e-learning, they can easily do it and the student will get real-life experience which will remain in their mind for a long time.

 When we talk about e-learning and its functioning it helped the educational institution to enhance their educational quality and effectiveness at the same time it is a competitive element to the teachers, Teachers have to be very skilled with technological skills and they have to be thorough with technical skills as far as e-learning is concerned. Students who are applying for the course in E-learning process they can learn when they earn. They can learn when they are free and when they feel that they can concentrate. It helps to save energy and not to waste our time. As we have to go hand in hand with the technological era and in this process e-learning helped to develop citizens who can face future competition without any fear and will be skilled in technical skills


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