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Finding ways to expand your marketing and grow your brand awareness isn’t an easy task. Marketing has always been on the cutting edge of technology, and every era has been a challenge for businesses to overcome. In the digital age, when most people think of marketing they think of internet ads, social media influencers, and website and app development.

What may surprise you, is that one of the oldest methods of marketing is still being used today and is still very effective. No, it’s not radio or television advertisements, as this kind of marketing actually predates them both. OOH, media is one of the oldest forms of mass marketing and is still used in modern marketing campaigns because it simply works.

Digital Billboards
Digital Billboards

The most well-known piece of OOH media is the billboard. OOH stands for out-of-home, and it encompasses a wide variety of tools that are used to market. This kind of marketing might have been around for a long time, but that’s not to say that it has not grown and advanced with the times. In fact, one of the most popular forms of OOH marketing is the digital billboard.

If you have wanted to find out more about digital billboards and how they can amplify your message, here is everything you need to know!


Traditional printed OOH media is still used in a lot of ways all over the country. From billboards to taxi cab signs, all the way to gas pump advertisements. This style of marketing has lasted through the ages because it continues to be a cost-effective and impactful way to grow brand awareness and even establish brand validity.

These signs are specifically placed in areas of high circulation and are designed to catch the attention of people who pass by them. Whether it’s placing them at eye level in a bus stop shelter, or having a massive colorful billboard looming over a parking lot. As technology advanced, the ability to use digital panels brought a couple of key benefits to the world of OOH media.

With the addition of digital panels substituting the traditional printed panels, a new form of OOH media was created. This kind of media is known as Digital out-of-house media, or DOOH for short.

What Advantages Does DOOH Have?

One of the biggest advantages of OOH marketing is the sheer variety that businesses have to choose from. This makes working OOH marketing into your budget a lot easier because there is always flexibility and options in services. DOOH has a similar advantage, as almost any kind of OOH media can be substituted with a digital version. However, there are three main types of DOOH media on the market, digital billboards, spectaculars, and digital advertisement trucks.

Digital advertisements have always had an edge over tradition for a couple of key reasons. When it comes to DOOH, this is no different. The panels that DOOH use are colorful and vibrant, and because of the digital medium, can exhibit incredible designs. Not only can they display static images, but they can also display custom-made videos and licensed channels, similar to those provided by in the US. The most noticeable advantage that DOOH has is that it actually is easier to notice.

With the ability of backlighting so that it’s clearly visible at night and high-powered digital displays that allow for easy visualization during the day, DOOH media is hard to ignore. One of the risks of OOH media, in general, is that people would pass by the advertisement without giving much thought to it. While this is unavoidable to some degree, DOOH gives the advantage of amplifying its message. With a high-quality digital panel, and a solid, eye-catching design, DOOH much more easily stands out than traditional OOH media.


If you want to take your digital billboard game to the next level and really get attention, then a spectacular is a great choice. These digital billboards have the ability to utilize sound and visual effects to grab people’s attention. Not only that, but some actually allow for interaction with potential customers as they walk by.

The most famous example of a spectacular is Time Square in New York City. These incredible panels are dazzlingly bright, and beautiful, with crisp clear pictures, and constantly utilize special effects and sound to grab attention.

How Do I know if Digital Billboards Are the Right Choice?

Digital billboards are an option that you should take if it fits your budget. While digital billboards are priced in the same way that traditional billboards are, they can oftentimes have a higher price point. Circulation, CPM, and impressions all factor into the cost of a billboard, so you can still find flexibility and locations that work better for your budget though.


A billboard is a fantastic way to spread brand awareness and even establish brand validity. If you have the funds to upgrade to a digital billboard, you’ll have the advantage of using a more attention-grabbing medium. If you are looking to make as big an impact as you can, then switching to digital might be the best move.

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