4 Great Benefits of Outsourcing for SRE


It’s no secret that Google is an incredibly successful tech giant. It boasts more than half of the search engine market share and has a market value of over $700 billion. What exactly sets Google apart from all other existing search engines? One word — reliability. If the world was burning today, best believe that Google would still remain operational.

On that note, is it possible for ordinary developers and non-tech businesses to attain this level of reliability, and if yes, how? The short answer to that is through outsourcing the services of a qualified site reliability engineer. While you can always hire an in-house engineer, outsourcing SRE is a much better idea for the reasons outlined below.

4 Great Benefits of Outsourcing for SRE
4 Great Benefits of Outsourcing for SRE

1.   Reduced Labor Costs

Hiring an in-house SRE engineer has unique perks, but it also comes with a price. Other than having an extra head on your payroll, you also incur costs of training the individual so their services can align with your entity’s culture and goals.

Keep in mind that as an in-house SRE engineer becomes more experienced, so does their value. This means if you’re unable to keep up with their increasing salary demands, there is a high chance they’ll move on to an employer who can meet their demands.

When you outsource SRE on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about any of the mentioned. You’ll have an SRE engineer who’s always ready to help you with your site reliability engineering needs at your disposal.

2.   Offers Instant Access to a Pool of Highly Skilled SRE Engineers

As noted above, the costs of hiring an in-house site reliability engineer are pretty high. Due to this, most businesses will either hire inexperienced engineers or they’ll be understaffed. This often results in poor performance as the engineers don’t have what it takes to deliver quality services.

By outsourcing SRE to a company like NetLabs, you get instant access to a pool of highly qualified and experienced engineers. Moreover, your SRE workload is spread among several engineers, which means better quality as each professional dedicates their time to delivering work that meets and exceeds your expectations.

3.      Reduces Work Burden on Your Internal Teams

The process of software development often seems straightforward to the untrained eye. However, it is quite taxing, and each stage of development comes with its distinct phases, which can be pretty time and resource consuming.

How does this relate to SRE? Well, the primary reason why SRE was developed was to increase the scalability and reliability of the software system. In other words, SRE was a concept designed to reduce the costs, time, and effort channeled towards the software development process.

 Therefore, when you outsource, reliability engineers take on a huge percentage of work that your DevOps team would have otherwise had to handle alone.

4. Increases Product Quality, Productivity, and Spurs Overall Business Growth

As noted above, outsourcing SRE reduces the workload of your internal DevOps teams. Therefore, your teams get more time to focus on other essential areas of their job and consequently speed up the process of product and service development.

Moreover, when everyone has enough time to focus on their job and are doing what they are best at, the job will be done perfectly. This improves product quality, and as a result, enables you to bring forth more reliable products. You would be able to meet and exceed clientele expectations, and as you know, a satisfied customer means more business for you.

While having an in-house team of SRE engineers comes with perks, you stand to benefit more in the long run if you outsource your SRE needs to site reliability engineers from reputable companies like Netlabs.

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