Breastfeeding Myths and Realities


As a new mom, you might be anxious about the experience. Everything will seem alien and won’t know how to handle some situations the right way. You’ve probably been reading about the different things you can expect once you become a mom. In order to know the truth, it is important that you’re talking to other moms and asking them about their experience. There are some common myths you might have heard of and you’re probably wondering if they’re true. In this post, we’re going to dispel some of the myths so that you’re better informed as a new mother.

Breastfeeding Will Ruin the Shape of Your Breast

There is no truth to this myth. Breastfeeding has never ruined the shape of anyone’s breasts. It is natural for the boobs to grow as you gain weight and start producing milk but that is just about it. This should not be a big issue to be concerned about as the breasts will get back to their normal shape and size once you reduce weight and stop breastfeeding. You should enjoy the bonding time with the baby while it lasts before you starting yourself how they grew so fast.

Breastfeeding Myths and Realities
Breastfeeding Myths and Realities

Breastfeeding is Easier When Done at Night

This myth has been peddled around so much that it has become common knowledge. There is no scientific evidence that shows feeding the baby at night will make nursing easier. Milk production could reduce or stop if you go for long periods without feeding. This will make it challenging if you intend to nurse in the morning when the baby is ready to breastfeed again. Even if newborns need to be fed before they go to sleep, they’re not likely to go through the night and this could happen until they’re one year old. When a newborn starts to cry at 3 am, you’ll have no other option but to feed her.

Small Breasts Can’t Produce Milk

This is another common misconception about breastfeeding. There is nothing to worry about if your breasts aren’t as big as you’d have expected. According to studies, the mammary glands are approximately the same size in women. The size of the breast has nothing to do with breastfeeding. It is influenced by the fat content and that doesn’t show anything about producing enough milk for the baby. The secret is to nurse your baby frequently as that will result in improved milk production.

Not Enough Nourishment for the Baby

In the first few weeks, the baby will survive on nothing but breast milk. If the baby is not gaining weight, it will have nothing to do with breast milk. There is a high chance that the baby isn’t latching as expected. You can reposition yourself while paying attention to the baby.  If there is an issue with a decline in breast milk, don’t panic. It might be caused by stress and fatigue and everything will return to normal when the problems have been resolved.

It can be Painful

The level of pain is usually exaggerated. A new mother will soon get used to breastfeeding and won’t see it as a chore. The pain is usually caused when the baby is in a bad position while nursing. You also need to look or a comfortable resting position while breastfeeding. You’re likely to experience hypersensitivity at first while you feed the baby but will fade away as the nursing continues.

You Can’t Get Pregnant

It is possible to get pregnant three weeks after giving birth. As much the hormones associated with breastfeeding are known to suppress ovulation, you shouldn’t be taking any chances. Make sure to take the necessary precaution as getting pregnant immediately after giving birth can be challenging to manage. Doctors recommend giving the body time to heal before you can go through the process again.

It Prevents You From Losing Weight

The origin of this myth is a mystery but is nothing but lies. The production of milk is calorie-intensive. This means that breastfeeding could help in your weight loss endeavors. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, you’re likely to lose the pregnancy weight much quicker compared to when you’re not breastfeeding. You could be looking for the best pacifiers for breastfed babies to even as you try to regain fitness. Make sure you’re doing thorough research if you intend to buy baby products. They should be safe and healthy so that there are no potential problems down the road.

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