How to buy and sell Bitcoin on Zebpay? | BTC Exchange on Zebpay


What is Zebpay:-

Bitcoin is a virtual or digital Crypto Currency that can be a medium of exchange between businesses and people that accept them. Zebpay started its operations in 2012 and since has been the biggest site and Digital Wallet App to offer bitcoin trade in India.

What is Zebpay

Procedure of buying bitcoins on Zebpay:-

  • Install zebpay app and sign up. Fill the personal details as necessary to verify your account. Then you have to set up a security pin so that your transactions get verified. Zebpay takes approximately 4 hours to verify the account.
  • Before buying bitcoins using zebpay exchange, first you have to deposit money in your zebpay account. Depositing can be done by either bank transfer or internet banking. There is no extra charge on bank transfer while there is a charge on internet banking. If your transaction is successful you will receive a SMS or an e mail confirming the same.
  • Now you can buy bitcoins by using the balance in your zebpay account. Firstly you have to enter the amount of money for which you want to purchase bitcoins. After you put the amount, tap on buy button. Then you will be asked to enter the security pin for confirming the transaction or by verification of your fingerprints. After verification the balance of bitcoins will be updated on home screen.

Procedure of selling bitcoins on Zebpay:-

  • Tap on ‘Sell’ and then enter the amount you wish to withdraw. This amount could be in rupees or in bitcoins. If you enter any bitcoin value it will be automatically converted into rupees and it will be withdrawn back into zebpay account. In order to verify the transaction you have to either enter your security pin or use your fingerprints. The balance will reflect on home screen.
  • Tap on ‘Withdraw’ button on home screen on zebpay app. Then enter the amount you want to withdraw. A notification containing your bank details will pop up. If the details are correct tap the ‘Ok’ button. Then you have to enter the pin to confirm the withdrawal. After that the amount will be deducted from zebpay account and will be transferred to your bank account.

This is the process of buying and selling bitcoins through Zebpay.

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