CFDAdvanced Review – Why Trust It Right from Your Early Trading Days


To trust an online entity is still not easy in this modern digital world. People keep talking about how they rely on the online world for shopping, trading, investing, and what not. However, if you look deep down inside their tendencies, you will notice that they are not too comfortable sending money to online websites. Of course, that’s because they can’t trust a company with their money just like that. If you are thinking about trading, you want the same level of trust, and that’s what you will get when you read this CFDAdvanced review and take a step towards your trading career.

There is something about CFDAdvanced that makes it much better than its competitors out there. Its features are great, the overall security is solid, and the trading platform is one of the best without a doubt. Know more in this review.

CFDAdvanced Review
CFDAdvanced Review

Registered, Trustable, and Reliable

Let me talk about the most important factors that you should be considering while selecting your first online broker. I have to tell you that the company you sign up with has to have proper registration in place. If the company is not registered, you should not sign up—it’s that simple. You will be glad to know that CFDAdvanced is registered to provide you its trading platform. Secondly, all the information that you provide to the broker on the website is encrypted through the latest and most secure encryption standards. The money you deposit goes into separate accounts for your peace of mind.

Most importantly, you are signing up with a company that is not just registered but also regulated. That’s the biggest sign of a reliable online trading services provider. Just so you know, CFDAdvanced is regulated by ASIC.

Transparent Fee and Service Charges Structure

I don’t know if I remember a company that provides you with such clarity on the matter of services charges and fees. Mostly, they talk about being generous to you and tell you that you will not incur any fees. However, there is never any detail about fees and service charges on the websites of the trading services provider. Now, I have to tell you that the services charges and fees are crystal clear on this website. If you are looking to invest through hedge funds, you will incur some fees, and they are clearly mentioned on the website. However, you will have to pay absolutely nothing on your deposits, which is quite unlikely in the online trading industry.

Inactivity of your account, overnight funding, etc. are some activities and actions that will result in fees and service charges. However, you will see them clearly on the website so you end up with no surprises and shocks.

Two Account Categories

I am sure you are going to find this completely unique in this broker. While other companies provide you with multiple account types, this one offers you two completely different categories. Within those categories, you have many account types. The first category is of self-managed accounts, where you manage your trades, profits, and earnings. In addition to that, you have the managed accounts, where you have an account manager who will manage everything in your account. They manage it for you while you reap the benefits in the form of profit percentages.

Low Commissions Big Leverages

Even if you let an account manager manage everything for you, there is not much for you to lose. Firstly, you will be paying a very small commission depending on the account type you pick. For the basic account, the commission on your profit will be 10%, but if you go with the highest account, it will be as small as 2.5%. You also get guaranteed payouts on each account. The leverages, on the other hand, can go up to 1:150.

Final Thoughts

I have seen many brokers throughout my trading career, but I don’t think there is a platform as detailed and comprehensive as this one. Try it yourself by looking at the website, and sign up only when you are convinced.

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