Tips on Planning A Loved One’s Funeral


Losing a friend or loved one is usually unexpected and always painful but, focusing on laying them to rest is something that has to be done as there are so many details to take care of.

When a friend or loved one expires or death is expected to take place soon, there are several aspects to take care of. This can be a very stressful time. You are grieving and may have assumed a great responsibility by taking on the task of making funeral arrangements for someone you care about. If the deceased had Burial Insurance, this can be a great financial help when weighing up the cost of a funeral, which can be expensive. Furthermore, the following information will make this stressful time easier for you.

Funeral Planning Tips
Funeral Planning Tips

Make “First Call’s”

When the news of a loved one’s death gets out; family members and loved ones are usually confused. First from the excruciating pain of losing someone dear to them and what next, they have to do. The first thing that is usually done either by authorities or a family member is to make the “first calls” informing the concerned parties and get the deceased taken away from the

Make the “first calls” to notify the appropriate parties and have the deceased remove from the place where they died.

Confirm deceased transportation

First calls are always meant to confirm the first transfer of the deceased from where they passed on to an agreed funeral home or another facility. There are some cases where the family may require a second transfer to a different funeral home or take the body to a different city.

Look for pre-Arrangements

Some people always love to plan their funeral when they are still alive – leaving behind specific information on how they would love to be buried. At this stage, you will have to check out for this information and use the pre-arranged plan to execute the pre-planned burial the deceased had chosen.

If there are no pre-burial arrangements, you can contact SafeHands Funeral Plans to draft one taking into account all the details.

Arrange for Funeral Services

Make arrangements to set a meeting with a funeral director so the funeral service can be set. In the course of the meeting, things like; how the decease will be catered for will be discussed. You will also have to discuss if a burial or cremation would be done or the type of ceremony that would be done will be discussed and a lot more.

This is usually one of the main phases in planning a funeral with the focus of laying the loved one peacefully in a way they will love it and Safe Hands Funeral Plans always makes sure to follow all the outlined details as stated by the family.

Make confirmations for cemetery arrangements

The next thing to decide is where the deceased will be laid to rest. If the deceased will be laid to rest at a cemetery and the property has not yet been bought, it is essential to set up a meeting with the concerned authorities of the chosen cemetery to buy the funeral property.

The burial property to be bought usually includes the grave plot and a crypt. Some funeral directors can opt to make these arrangements for the family.

Choose the necessary burial and memorial products

Choose and buy vital burial products like the casket, urn, and burial crypt just to name a few, and the important memorial items like the grave marker.

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