Go4rex Review – Consider Signing up with This Broker for These Reasons


I will be as straightforward with this review as I can and guide you in the right direction. You see, just because you have hundreds of online platforms to choose from does not mean you can sign up with any and think you have done the right thing. It’s quite unfortunate, but you seldom find the type of company that really addresses the needs you have as a trader. Today, will tell you about Go4rex, which I think is a great trading platform not just because I like it but also because its features are designed with you in mind. In this Go4rex review, I will explain to you the reasons you should consider it for trading.

Go4rex Review
Go4rex Review

Huge Leverages

I don’t know what is wrong with online companies, but it seems that they are becoming more and more frugal with their offerings. I am talking especially about the leverages that you get from them. These leverages are there for you to increase the sizes of your trades and earn huge profits. Now, you can only do that if your broker is providing you with some good option, which I think this company is doing really awesomely. So, if you look at the trading accounts, you will notice you have varying leverages depending on the account type you pick. The best thing is that you can enjoy leverages as huge as 1:200 with just the first account on the list.

This means you start big as soon as you join this platform with a small amount of money. Now, if you want something better, you can get up to 1:300 and even up to 1:400 leverages on your trades. Looking at how so many companies are completely holding back from offering huge leverages to their traders, I think Go4rex has come as a breath of fresh air with its varying yet amazing leverages.

Trade What Pleases You

Trade the assets that you think will look great on your profile or maybe go with the ones that you think will benefit you the most. The thing that you want to avoid in the first place when you start trading is putting all your money on the same asset. This is something no expert trader will ever tell you to do. What you want to do is to distribute your risks by investing in many different assets. When you sign up with Go4rex, I am sure you will not have to choose from the assets that you don’t like. You can pick the one that you think will give you the best results.

Don’t forget that you have a huge list of assets that you can trade when you are with Go4rex. Firstly, you can trade forex currency pairs and cryptocurrencies. Secondly, you have assets in the form of stocks and indices. You can also trade commodities, which include precious metals, energies, and much more. To take things up a notch, the company also offers you ETFs.

Start without Hassles

Starting as a trader with Go4rex will be the most convenient experience you have had as a trader. Firstly, you have to know that you can pick an account from a total of 5, which are designed to make your life easier as a trader. Now, what you should like even more is that the basic account can be opened with a small amount of just $250. The second account on the list can be opened with only $1000. The higher you go, the more discount you will find in the commission that you have to pay on your trades. You can enjoy up to 85% discount on the commission.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can see for yourself why I consider this company a good option for anyone who is just starting out as a trader. You know you are picking a great platform because of the trading conditions, the ease of opening the account, and many other trader-friendly features.

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