How to Build Personal CRM Software to Grow Your Business


A personal CRM system is one that would help you build relationships and stay afloat when it comes to turning leads into customers. With the advent of many tools and technologies to manage your business whether you are online or offline, small businesses are being able to scale their business up with much more ease. While it is easy to scale up and grow into a full fledged enterprise where everything is automated, you would do well to remember that the personal touch for building relationships is also required. Here are a few reasons why you need personal CRM:

  1.  Personal CRM Software
    Personal CRM Software

    Milestones: Do not miss out on the milestones of your prime stakeholders like your team members as well as your leads, prospects and customers along with others like vendors and third parties. This would make you much more relatable as a brand even as it adds a personal touch. The personal CRM system can draw this information from the main CRM and work it into your system so that you do not miss a birthday or any such occasion including promotions and other milestones. This will reveal more about the human behind the company or the business. The personal CRM system would easily create alerts and personalized emails that can go from your desk so that your prospect or customer would know that they are on your mind.

  1. Organization of Data: There are many ways in which you can organize your data and information relating to customers and the interactions that they have had with the various members of your sales and marketing teams. This information can be stored in fields that can be called up for marketing and sales functions, while the same can be stored in different fields on your personal CRM system so that they are called up for more personalized pitches and for sharing information which would specifically cater to that segment of your customers. This would help you chart a more well rounded strategy for engagement and conversions.
  1. Single Platform Communication: When all your information is on the same platform, then your communication should logically be on the same platform as well. With the personal CRM system, that is exactly what you would be buying into. This kind of a system helps you keep all the information and communication in the right place so that the tasks are defined, scheduled and then updated and tracked accordingly to avoid any lapse or any overlapping of functions and tasks. This would also keep you and your team that much more efficient when it comes to keeping in touch with the leads and customers in the long run. For example, if some leads have not taken action on a certain step in the sales pipeline, you can step in with your personal CRM system and reach out with some information that will nudge them towards the right call for action.
  1. Automation: When you are overseeing a business or when you are in a senior leadership role, then you would not have the time for many of the things that you used to do. But that does not have to stop you from being more hands on. You can easily employ a personal CRM system so that a number of these tasks are automated and you still receive reports and information that can help you make decisions in a timely and relevant manner. In this manner, you will still be in the loop without missing out on the action and without manually spending extra time and effort to remain in that state.
  2. Visibility: Many business owners make the rookie mistake of thinking that visibility of the business or the brand through the sales team or the marketing team’s efforts is visibility enough. Yet, that is not enough. You are the face of your business and you need to be at the forefront so that the customers and prospects are reassured that there is someone always ready to listen to them and they will not be left talking to computers when they need any issues to be resolved. The personal visibility also remains in the mind of a prospect that much longer and will always be uppermost when a decision regarding a future purchase has to be made. This is a rather crucial thing that can easily be taken care of, with a personal CRM system. You would do well to adopt a personal CRM system that keeps you in touch with and visible to your stakeholders.
  1. Opportunity Management: Now, this is a big one since it pertains to making use of the big data out there in order to find the right opportunities to nurture and then convert. When you have a personal CRM, you would be able to take action for conversion so that along with the business CRM and the sales or marketing team, you have also done your bit to cover all exits and make a conversion. This would be especially helpful when a customer is found to be backing out. A simple message from your desk would probably change the tide in your favour.

These are just a few benefits of using a personal CRM system and there are many more. Let us now cast a glance on the steps that are involved in building your personal CRM:

Step 1: Capturing Data: This is a very important step and you would need to decide and define which data you would like to capture so as to craft the deliverables accordingly.

Step 2: Know Your Customer: When you know what you are selling to the customer, you should also know how your customer would best receive and what kind of problem articulation would be best before you pitch your product as a solution. This should be worked into the system.

Step 3: Scheduling: Define your deliverables and then schedule them after much planning. This should include messages for milestones, informative personalized emails and follow up messages.

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