More Information on Keyword Research For SEO


One of the straightforward tasks of a successful SEO campaign is keyword research. In this post, you’ll learn more about finding your niche and using profitable keywords to rank for. Producing content without researching the right keywords just won’t pay off. Content without appropriate optimization won’t rank, and consequently, your website traffic will below. You have to know which keywords to target in order to create adequate quality traffic.

Keyword Research For SEO
Keyword Research For SEO

 Where Can You Find Keywords?

There are multiple ways of finding keywords. Your first assignment is coming up with seed keywords, which are phrases you can utilize as stepping stones to find more ideas for keywords. For instance, if you run a coffee blog, you can use simple phrases like espresso, coffee beans, or coffee machine. The best way of finding keywords are:

 Suggestions From Google

Google provides various keyword suggestions in the SERP. Features like People also ask Google autocomplete, and related searches are excellent sources of keyword concepts. With the autocomplete tool, you can write the seed keyword into the search bar, and the suggestions will automatically come up. 

Keyword tools

There are various free keyword tools that can provide you with hundreds of keyword phrases contingent on a single seed keyword. One of the most well-liked ones are Google keyword planner; however, the main emphasis is the keyword search for PPC advertisements. Another great free tool is AnswerThePublic that generates hundreds of automatic Google autocomplete promptings. You can also make use of the assistance of an SEO firm to help you with keywords and content. Free tools have limited features, even though they offer many keyword suggestions. A professional paid keyword tool can provide helpful SEO insights and metrics that evaluate keywords and select the appropriate ones. In addition, they can save you some time and give you a viable advantage. Besides looking for keyword suggestions, it estimates the difficulty of ranking for such keywords and SERP for every keyword to assist you with assessing your chances and analyzing the opponents. You can also merely type in the domain of a competitor to look for keywords they are using.

More platforms

There are other ways of looking for keyword ideas. You can emphasize on websites individuals in your niche utilize to communicate, ask questions, and share concepts. Some of the most preferred platforms in finding keywords ideas are:

  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • YouTube
  • Forums
  • Wikipedia

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The Tripod Rule For Keyword Research

RankBrain is a module of Google’s algorithm contingent on artificial intelligence. It assists Google with grasping the intent behind a search inquiry and subsequently delivering the most relevant results. It looks for relevant keywords that have high search volumes as well as low keyword strain – which is the ideal combination of the three most crucial factors when it comes to keyword research. This is referred to as the tripod rule in keyword research. These three influences represent the three legs, and if one of the legs is missing, the tripod will crumple.

An ideal keyword must be:

  • Popular – with a high search volume.
  • Rankable – the SEO difficulty must not be too high.
  • Relevant – the search intent matches your content.

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