Your Skincare Routine After Shower


The glowing, fresh skin now defines the beauty standard. For smooth skin, you have to follow a beauty ritual to make things work for you. Otherwise, your skin would look dull and flaky.

Showering is an important part of our daily routine, and it makes our skin dry. If you spend so much time in the shower here is a piece of bad news for your chances are you are washing away the essential oils of your body.

Always look around the product ingredients which are in the product. We would not suggest you use a chemical product instead of buying something which has natural ingredients. If you are not sure of which natural product you can purchase?  We would suggest you buy an l’occitane.

Skincare Routinecdd
Skincare Routinecdd

Our body absorbs everything we use on it so you should be it. Always buy a good quality product; check the expiry date of the product before using it. You should design your routine in such a way that you can have some me-time.

So what you should do to make your skin glow. In this article, we are discussing what skincare routine you should follow after the shower.

  1. Always finish your shower with warm water
  2. Pat skin to makes it dry
  3. Moisturize it
  4. Dry your hairs
  5. Apply conditioner to detangle hairs
  6. Apply serums
  7. Dry brush
  8. If you have any skin related issue apply its treatment
  1. Always finish your shower with warm water:

The one mistake which we all make is using very hot water in the shower and finishing it with hot water as well. Hot water makes our skin dry and flaky by sucking up all the moisture.

You are going to feel the tightness in skin and itching all over your body because of dryness.

Hot showers feel great to everyone, but it’s not good for our skin.

Reduce the temperature of the shower and try to finish it with warm water instead of very hot water.  Try to shower from warm water.

  1. Pat skin to makes it dry:

We all are using towels to makes our skin dry. We would suggest you not to rub. Otherwise, it will make your skin very itchy and dry. Instead, pat the whole body part one by one to makes it dry.

You have to be gentle with your skin. Be easy.

I know you want to rub the skin with a towel, and you like it, but it’s not good for your skin it can make your skin rough you should be gently patting all skin and feel good about it.

  1. Moisturize it:

We all know that somehow our skin was feeling quite dry down because of the shower it’s time to give the moisture back.  Moisturize your skin. Use good natural moisturizer which has shea butter in it applies all over your body.

Gently applies it on the face in a circular motion; it articulates the blood flow. It’s a good idea to moisturize your skin after patting it dry it will lock the remaining moisture.

  1. Dry your hairs:

I know you all would be the thing that we have been drying our hairs lately with a towel. No, you are doing it wrong. Dry your hairs with a sweatshirt instead of a towel. You would be surprised to know that the towel can make your hair rough as little fibers of towel can damage cuticles. Don’t shake or rub your hairs instead pat dry them with T-shirt.

The T-shirt will absorb all the water without making your hair dry.

  1. Apply conditioner to detangle hair:

You should be applying conditioner after drying your hair so it would not tangle when you brush them. The conditioner will help to detangle your hair. You must include this step in after shower routine.

Conditioner makes your hair silky and smooth. If you use conditioner, you won’t get split ends.

Choose a conditioner according to your type and shampoo which you are using.

We would recommend you to choose from the organic line instead of buying a product full of chemicals.

  1. Apply serums:

After moisturizing your skin, it’s time to apply serums. After a warm bath, our pores are open, and the absorption rate is higher as compared to the daily routine. Apply your favorite serum which can help you achieve your flawless skin goal. Give your skin this treat by applying organic serums full of natural ingredients so your skin will get benefit from it.

  1. Dry brush:

Another thing which you can add in after shower routine is dry brushing your skin. It will increase the circulation of blood in your body. It’s one thing usually people forget. Buy a dry brush that has natural soft bristles and can fit in your palm. Use it all over your body; it can help you remove toxins and parabens from your body even unclog your pores. It can also prevent your skin from breakouts.

  1. If you have skin-related issue apply its treatment:

If you are facing any skin related issue, you must treat it before dressing up or doing makeup. So after the shower, it would be recommended for you to treat your skin issues like pimples and blemishes.  Always take your skin treatment seriously and apply the cream, serums prescribed by the doctor if you have acne-prone skin. You can also check your body after shower related to skin issues.


Showering is part of our routine, but if we add these steps, it will benefit us, and we will notice a difference in a few weeks. It’s good to take care of your skin. Many of us are using products that are trending in the market without looking at ingredients that are not right. While buying a certain skin-related product always looks for ingredients, some ingredients do not suit your skin. Avoid that product completely. Invest in good quality products. Make sure to pat dry your skin after a shower, don’t rub your skin be gentle with your skin. Otherwise, it would be dry.  Take your skincare seriously and do moisturize it after a shower so your skin would not become dull and flaky. Also, take care of your scalp skin. Don’t dry your hair with a towel instead use a soft t-shirt. Use good after shower conditioner. Gently comb your hair after that. Make a habit of using a dry brush after a shower will help you remove toxins from your skin prevent breakout and also increase the blood circulation you see a visible effect. Buy a good quality dry brush made from natural soft bristles. If you have skin-related issues, you must use products prescribed by your doctor only don’t use anything you see in the market as it will get you in skin trouble and you would not be happy.

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