Sydney Businesses: How Can You Make the Most Out of Video Productions


Aside from being a city that is warm and welcoming of tourists and students from all around the world, Sydney is also known for being a powerful global business hub. With the local government’s initiatives of supporting people who wanted to start their own business, startups from Sydney are growing exponentially. You also cannot deny the strong and powerful presence of Australian companies online.

With all these business expansions and growth happening in Sydney, you may wonder if there is a business opportunity for you. Yes, there is. If you know how to make use of services that do video production Sydney to your advantage, no matter what niche or business you will start, you will most likely prosper. So, how will video production help you achieve this?

How Can You Make the Most Out of Video Productions
How Can You Make the Most Out of Video Productions

Consumers prefer to watch a story through videos.

In the past, consumers were contented with pictures along with descriptions shared on the social media pages of different brands and business owners. But, when video marketing was introduced to the market, people’s focus shifted, and now, they prefer to watch campaigns of brands translated into stories captured on videos.

A classic example of a successful video ad campaign is that of Dove. Dove is one of the first few brands that embraced video marketing. They gathered stories of ordinary yet empowered women and asked them to share bits and pieces of their advocacies through a short video clip.

The impact of such marketing strategy was so huge that many companies and brands joined the video marketing bandwagon. Now, you can see these videos on YouTube, Facebook, and on different landing sites. Because people are hooked into the stories shown in these videos, it was easier for brands to sell their products and services.

Videos can improve a business’ conversion rate.

Since these video ads are shared on social media and posted on different online platforms, the brand’s market also widens. If the content goes viral, it can attract millions and millions of views. A massive chunk of these views can easily be converted to sales, thereby increasing the company’s conversion rate and sales profit.

It does not matter if you’re just starting up or you’re a business that has been operating in Sydney or other parts of the world for a long time. One thing holds — you need professional videos if you want to boost your brand.

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Videos can help build your brand’s integrity.

Think of these videos as your way of introducing your brand and your advocacy to the general public. More than being a logo or a name that manufactures a specific product, who are you down to your core? What values do you uphold as a company? All these questions can be addressed and shown through your video marketing campaigns. Just like Dove, more than being just another soap manufacturer, they are now known as advocates of real beauty. Their video marketing campaign added that human element into their business, effectively winning people’s empathy and patronage.

The Takeaway

Nobody is indispensable in the business world. For you and your brand to remain relevant, you have to innovate continuously. Now, innovation does not only mean making your products stronger and better, but it also means that you have to be able to speak your clients’ language and win their hearts. With these as your weapon and shield, no competitor can ever topple you down.

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