The Easiest Way To Start An Anonymous LLC


Since modern technology has made searching for things easy, business owners today need more secured entities. This is why the LLC or limited liability companies have become the current choice of many business owners today. However, due to various reasons, if business owners refrain from including their name and personal details in the business, they can opt for anonymous LLC formation.

What is an anonymous LLC
What is an anonymous LLC

What is an anonymous LLC?

A limited liability company or LLC is a company that keeps its owners hidden from the state in which it operates. It is an entity that combines elements of a formal business with a general partnership or sole proprietorship. The owners of LLC are generally known as members.

Business owners who want to form an LLC without disclosing their identity do not belong to the part of the public record. However, if one is interested in keeping his information and personal details a secret, one must conduct an anonymous LLC formation in Delaware, New Mexico, Nevada, and Wyoming.

How to form an anonymous LLC?

As mentioned earlier, the four states that allow anonymous LLC formation include Delaware, New Mexico, Nevada, and Wyoming. However, in each state, the process of naming the LLC differs. Besides, one must be more careful while selecting a registered agent and filing the documents to remain anonymous.

Given below is the process of anonymous LLC formation in each of the states that allow anonymous LLC:

1.      Delaware

The naming of LLC in Delaware is regulated by the code’ 18-102.’ According to the Department of State of Delaware, the name of the LLC should have no similarity from all other names that have been registered previously. Furthermore, to indicate the type of business, the name must include the terminology. Also, one has to avoid terminologies in the name that means another business type. Next, one has to choose an agent and file the documents following all the rules.

2.      New Mexico

In New Mexico, the name of an LLC should be distinguishable from all other businesses that are registered under the Secretary of State. Also, the name should contain the term ‘limited liability company’ or its abbreviations. The Secretary of State takes the final decision regarding the approval of the name.

3.      Nevada

In Nevada, no person’s name should be included in the LLC. Instead, it should contain terminology by which it can be clearly understood that it is an LLC. One must follow a list of words that cannot be included in the LLC name as per the Secretary of State. The final approval of the LLC naming depends on the Secretary of State. According to the Nevada Revised Statute, every LLC should be done under the guidance of a registered agent.

4.      Wyoming

As per Section 17-29-108 of the Wyoming LLC Act, the name of an LLC should indicate its type. Further, it should not contain any words that the Secretary of State restricts. Also, no words should be used that mislead people about the type of business.


So, a resident of Delaware, New Mexico, Nevada, or Wyoming can quickly form an anonymous LLC under the guidance of a registered agent.

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