How Urbansole Became One of Pakistan’s Leading Shoes Brands


A homegrown brand, from raw material sourcing to the finished product all done in Pakistan, Urbansole has been in the shoe business since 1998. Making their way to being one of the known local brands, with a specific focus on comfort. Some of the shoes have ‘memory foam’, helping the foot have a better molded sole to fit onto. The comfort helps the foot have less strain on it over the course of a long day.How Urbansole Became One of Pakistan's Leading Shoe Brands

Urbansole has a diverse design range, making shoes for many different occasions. It could be a one-stop-shop for all your footwear needs. The men’s range being the most stocked with loafers for regular office wear, with a lot of different variations. Some are simple others have tassels or the classic horse-bit buckle design. There are also different kinds of leathers in use such as plain, patterned or with a cut-in pattern like small pin-holes.

The formal shoes for more official engagements have harder soles and are not as comfortable, this generally is a notorious aspect of formal shoes. Urbansole has many formal shoe options as well, again simpler designs or designs that have extra metal clips or buckles. Leather with formal shoes also has many variations. The casual range from urban sole is geared for younger demographic, sneakers that are not for sports but are more style accents to one’s clothing; often worn with jeans or chinos. The casual shoe selection also has some that are closer to loafers but somewhat more ‘funky’. The brand also makes boots but that is a limited selection. You can check urbansole shoe collection here.

Men’s sandals are also a big section at Urbansole, they have 4 different types in just this category. There are casual wear ones for everyday wear with shorts, jeans or shalwar kameez. The formal ones are a collection that one could wear to mehndi or weddings with their shalwar kameez and waistcoat. The sports sandals are similar to what the ACG range at Nike, perfect for a younger age group. Closed-toed sandals also have some stock, looking like sandals mixed with loafers. These could work well for summers with one’s jeans and pants, airy but still closed off in the front. Urban sole also makes some slippers and Peshawari chappals for men. The sports shoe segment is furnished under the moniker Xceed. These are in simpler or funky colors with breathable fabric, so they are efficient for activity.

For women the range is more limited, there are open-back shoes, sandals closed shoes and slippers. Urbansole has yet to expand its women’s range more. The range does have ample options to pick from with pumps, flats, wedges, and heels. There are also comfortable loafers for women in-case they are looking for softer soled shoes that can be worn for longer durations. Urban sole has collaboration with the designer Pierre Cardin, with their designs being used in multiple categories for women and men. Aside from shoes the brand also has some accessories; these include women’s bags, wallets, and belts for men. For the care of shoes, Urbansole has a supply of polishes; proper care for leather shoes will help them remain classy over longer periods.

The brand has maintained its quality over the years and produced new lines over the seasons, this continuous upgrading to stay up to date with the design trends has kept them relevant and fresh. Each New Year brings new collections people can pick shoes from; the quality and comfort keep them coming back. Today they are one of the top local brands yet have competitive prices, this makes a big difference. Quality products generally cost a lot more, few brands are able to achieve good quality at a slightly lower price range. Urbansole has managed this well since its inception, making it an accessible brand to many people in Pakistan.

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