Reason Why Gold and Silver used to make Jewelry


Jewelry and watches are parts of a person’s accessories that give people class and add some new life to the wardrobe. From necklaces and earrings to watches all made out of silver, gold and precious gemstones, there is a variety of jewelry that is usually attractive and beautiful.

Reason Why Gold and Silver used to make Jewelry
Reason Why Gold and Silver used to make Jewelry

Jewelries also serve as the perfect gift ideas for friends and loved ones. The price of jewelry is often determined by what was used to make it. For example, jewelries made out of silver and gold are very expensive.

Silver and Gold jewelries

Silver and gold are utilized to make jewelry because of the allure of their gloss and scarcity. They do not discolor; neither do they react to air like metal as iron would. Silver and gold are supple, which means they can be transformed into very thin sheets.

They are also malleable, which means they can be strained out into thin wire such as the findings of earrings.

Twenty-four-karat gold or silver is unadulterated and they are too soft to be transformed into jewelry. Thus, gold and silver are often combined with other metals to make them stronger. The alloys used for jewelry are usually 16 or 18 karat gold or silver.

People with gold or silver coins can have their jewelry customized for them by looking for coins dealers near me to determine the value of their gold or silver. Apart from that, they also look very luxurious.

What happens when gold is alloyed with other metals?

With coins dealer near me, coin owners will be enlightened on how much the gold is worth especially when combined with the type of metal it is alloyed with.  When gold is alloyed with metals such as nickel and silver, it turns to white gold, which is the most preferred material for wedding rings.

White gold is often coated with rhodium to give it more sparkle. When gold is combined with copper, it’s called rose gold. When it’s alloyed with a bit less copper, it’s yellow gold.

Gold turns to blue gold when it is alloyed with indium or iron and purple when it’s alloyed with aluminum. It turns to black when it is alloyed with cobalt and changes to green when it’s alloyed with silver alone.

Pieces of clothing jewelry are also coated with the thinnest sheets of gold to improve their appearance.

People who wear jewelry made out of pure gold are considered to be wealthy and have really good taste and class.


Gold dealers are professionals who provide gold owners with genuine info that can help them sell their gold at very good prices or why not surprise a loved one by getting them some gold or silver expensive jewelry.

Gold and silver are unknown to many people and have some health benefits. For example, it aids to reduce arthritis pain and inflammations. Magnets allegedly improve circulation, getting rid of stiffness and pain. Gold and silver ideally increase the cognitive function and the body’s ability to repair itself.

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