Why Rigid Boxes Are Essential Packaging Boxes for Companies


Rigid boxes or normally known as rigid setup boxes are Premium boxes that companies choose to pack their high end and expensive products in. These luxury packaging boxes are used to showcase the top products the company produces. The rigid setup boxes are the essential packaging boxes one’s company needs to acquire to skyrocket their sales and promote the market value of the products.

Rigid Boxes
Rigid Boxes

Every company has its distinctive values and practicality, shown by marketing skills and custom packaging. Be it big or small every one of the industry has a showstopper, a special product that is the main identity of the company that needs a special introduction or presentation to the world and that thing can be fulfilled by choosing Rigid boxes as those premium boxes for the product.

Rigid boxes are preferred by famous companies mostly because of certain reasons. They are special Premium boxes, they can be easily customized according to specific preferences, they are sturdy and safe. Rigid set up boxes can be used to pack a variety of things, smartphones, jewelry accessories, clothing, shoes and much more. Every company knows it must be necessary for their products to be packaged in a Rigid setup box.

For clothing companies

Every new season clothing brand releases trendy and new clothing lines, even though that clothing line becomes famous and successful, customers remember it mainly how it was packed and given to them. The way companies choose to pack their premium lines in luxury packaging boxes, the presentation, safety and marketing skills get promoted resulting in increased sales of the product and promotion.

Clothes carefully packaged in Custom rigid boxes with company logos and personalized touches give the end product an exclusive touch and keeps it safe from the damage while it is being delivered to far places.

For jewelry boxes

Most jewelry companies use Rigid setup boxes as their normal packaging choice, the jewelry accessories are carefully matched with the custom rigid boxes. The premium boxes come with matte, glossy and vinyl finishes. The brands can customize the packaging boxes according to their requirement, the Luxury packaging boxes can be embellished with gold and silver logos, personalized lines from the poems and more endless options. Many companies add silk and satin cloth pieces to give the premium boxes an exclusive and extra warmth. Custom rigid boxes can have three types of lids: a separate lid and base, overlapping one with magnetic closure, a matte lid with Velcro closure.

For IT-based companies

Developed and emerging companies are creating innovative products exponentially. In this ever-growing world of technology and artificial intelligence, many more products are going to be introduced in near future. As most of these products themselves are specifically curated they are bound to have special packaging and presentation. So most of the artificial intelligence companies are opting for matte and glossy Rigid boxes to introduce those remarkable subjects. When reviewing their products the critics keep in mind to examine their packaging boxes too and if that packaging solution is in the form of custom rigid boxes it just elevates the sales and market growth.

Shoe boxes

Shoes are a heavy and hefty item to pack. Most people aren’t interested in buying shoes without any reason but that doesn’t have to stay like that. If one’s marketing team decides on creating a custom luxury packaging for them, it would surely attract the attention of many people. Even if buying shoes is not their want, custom Premium boxes and packaging will compel them for it. Many options can be incorporated in deciding for custom Rigid set up boxes, new designs with a window can be used to show how pretty the shoes are.

Food-based companies

May it be a large food industry, a company limited to frozen foods, a nut company, a partially cooked food company, a cupcake cafe, a donut cafe or any restaurant takeaways, every company’s first choice when asked about packaging settles on Rigid boxes. Why? According to a survey of 2019, custom rigid boxes were preferred for two main reasons. Firstly, they are manageable in terms of their sizes and material. They can be easily adjusted to the quantity of food. Not to mention the endless designing options they have. Secondly, the risk of getting food spoiled gets reduced to 60%. The luxury packaging boxes are noted for their strength, durability and protection they can provide.

Companies can easily customize them too according to their specific requirements. From a great array of different colours, textures and materials. Rigid boxes are all one needs to pack its exclusive products in. custom rigid boxes become a specific identity of the company. People seeing a specific box from a company can easily recognize it and render its value.

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