10 Steps for Writing an Essay Really Fast


Not only students but job applicants and the representatives of many professions need to have essay writing skills. Tutors and employers use the essay to check how a person can express thoughts on a certain topic. Also, writing an essay you demonstrate the knowledge of the language and your ability to present ideas in an organized way. Every day, students get an assignment to write an essay. That’s why it isn’t surprising that most prefer to ask professional essay writing services like domyessay.net than spending hours on academic writing.

10 Steps for Writing an Essay Really Fast in 2020
10 Steps for Writing an Essay Really Fast in 2020

Want to know how to make the process of writing more effective? Keep on reading to learn what steps you should do to write a good essay spending little time.

Step 1: Create Favorable Conditions for Writing

Some may ask what the connection between a place where you write and the speed of writing. Believe that the first step you should make is to find a place where nothing would interfere with the process of writing. There are no certain rules you should follow to create the most suitable conditions because it depends on the person. Some prefer writing when listening to classical music while others can focus on the essay topic only in complete silence. So, it’s up to you to decide whether to write at a hostel, library, at home, or even a café. Choose a place where you feel inspired.

Step 2: Write about Things You Are Interested In

The simplest way to save time when writing an essay is to choose a topic you’re familiar with or are interested in. Passion for the topic research will help to forget about time at all. When writing about things that are either uninteresting or complicated, students look for any possible reason to take breaks. As a result, the process of writing becomes time-consuming and ineffective. Also, you’re recommended to pick a narrow topic for you to spend less time to consider all the issues. Choosing a topic try to make the focus narrower in order to examine it carefully without spending days and nights.

Step 3: Make Sure You Have a Clear Understanding of the Essay Topic

It’s high time to check whether everything is clear and you can write an essay even without using a lot of materials or you still have questions and need to conduct research. A clear understanding of the topic idea is extremely important for effective essay writing.

Step 4: Cope with All the Tasks Not Relevant to Essay Writing

Have you found all the necessary information and are ready to write an essay but there are things that prevent you from doing this? You are recommended to do all the commitments before you get started, otherwise, thoughts about them may prevent you from writing a hooking paper.

Step 5: Prepare Thesis Statements

Some experts recommend writing thesis statements first. Think about the key ideas you will discuss in your essay. Later, you’ll expand them and each statement will become a full-fledged paragraph. It may be the so-called outline, which will guide you through a paper writing.

Step 6: Use Facts You Already Know

Everyone knows how much time a search for information takes. If you’re going to write an essay on the topic you’re familiar with, you must know some facts and arguments. You can include them or even use them as a ground for the whole paper. The only thing to take into account that you need to find some literary sources or links that would support the facts.

Step 7: Look Through Books on Similar Topics Quickly

Don’t spend too much time reading each source of information. For example, when you want to get acquainted with the book’s content, read the introduction and the conclusion. Need more detailed information to support your arguments? Then, look through the main part of the book to add some details to your essay. Add each source you’ve used or at least just looked through in the list of references. Include only relevant sources of information.

Step 8: Structure Your Essay Outline

You should structure an essay outline the way the finished paper must look like. A good helpful outline should consist of several points. It’s better to have lists and include the sentences that could be useful for supporting your opinion.

Step 9:  Write an Essay Draft Using Freewriting Technique

Even if you haven’t used the freewriting technique, you must have heard about it. This method allows a person to write down all the thoughts on the topic that are hidden somewhere deep. At this stage, you don’t have to pay much attention to grammar and punctuation. Just get started and let your thoughts flow. You will speed up the process of writing. There are many people who have answered complex questions for themselves using this technique because it reveals what is inside you. It’s easy to be yourself when applying this method.

Step 10: Edit and Proofread the Paper

The most effective way to edit the paper is to ask for someone’s help because the author can miss a mistake, especially if checking the paper after writing immediately. But if you don’t have such an opportunity, check your essay with special software, which will help to correct grammar mistakes and will point out if there are paragraphs with plagiarism that should be improved.

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