Best Animation Apps that Can be Downloaded on Android


Drawing and making colorful painting has been a favorite hobby for most of us. In fact, many of us would admit that we still enjoy drawing and painting but do not get time for doing these activities. However, the advancements and technological development of this era have solutions for almost every problem and thus, all the things that we desire for have become accessible because of the technological development. The fulfilment for the desire to draw and create art is possible because of the advance animation apps that can be downloaded on personal cell phones.

Availability of animation apps on the cellphones allows the android users to create animation for fun as well as for professional use. Since these apps can be downloaded on the phone, the users can animate whenever and wherever they want. They do not need to sit in front of the computer for hours to create a cartoonish meme or a character for their upcoming marketing video for their business.

Here is a list of best animation apps that can be downloaded on android phones.

  1. Draw Cartoon 2

Draw Cartoon 2 is an exciting cartoon creator with 4.6 rating on the Play Store, which can help the users express themselves through different styles of animated cartoons. The app is a very effective alternative for difficult to use cartoon maker software. Draw Cartoon 2 can be a great help for developing smooth edge animations by keyframes and it provides the users with an extensive animation library as well. The library is quite wide-ranging that makes the job much easier for the animators, as they can choose to go for the ready-to-use options.

The app also allow the users to draw characters and animations from the scratch on their own, making the app effective for animators who are experienced and want to create more authentic and creative animations. Draw Cartoon 2 has a number of other features that make the app a popular one. For instance, the video files with mp4 format can be exported and shared.

With Draw Cartoon 2, the users can choose to become a professional video animation service provider and earn some real money. Moreover, while most of the features are available free, some of the features of the app are not available for free and needed to be purchased.

  1. Animation Amino for MAP

Animation Amino is one of the best animation apps with 4.6 percent rating on the Play Store. The app has making unique features that not only allow the beginners to try out different animation styles but they also allow the users to share their works with other animators, make animator friends and chat, and have a look at other animators works. It is a good way to connect to the animation community and grow faster in the industry by displaying your hard work to others.

  1. Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D has 4.5 rating on the Play Store and the app definitely deserves it. Toontastic 3D allows the users to draw animation characters, record the voices, and turn the whole thing in to a video. There are ready to use characters that can be used as inspiration as well as proper characters. The activity is so much fun for both kids and adults who want to enjoy animating. The app is capable of recording sounds and can store the animations in 3D video format on the user’s phone.

In other words, the app can actually create a 3D animation video with voice-over that can be used in different ways. The app is great for those who plan to become an animation filmmaker in the future. They can record their ideas and creative pieces in small videos for future inspiration. Whether you are a professional animator who provides video animation service to the clients, or a kid who enjoys animating, the app can cater your desires efficiently because of its exceptionally good tools. Isn’t it great?

  1. FlipaClip

Flipaclip is an animation app that provides with a variety of professional animation features to the users. The app secures 4.4 percent rating on the Play Store currently and the number of rates is increasing everyday because of the launch of new features. The app was originally designed for Samsung Galaxy Note App Challenge in which it managed to win Honorable Mention Award. Most users love the app because they find it very easy to use. The functions and the interface are outstanding and can be helpful for storyboarding, sketching, and animating as well.

The list of attributes that are provided by the app include audio recording, access to animation library, frames manager, text tool, animated video making, sharing to different social networks, and so on. The app also offers the unique onion layering with the drawing layers. Onion layers are the frames that appear as fleeting images before the formation of new frames. All of these features are free for the users and that makes the app a useful tool for the professional and non-professional animators.

  1. Animation Desk Classic

Though this app has only 4 percent rating on the Play Store, this one can be counted as one of the best one because it can help create high-class animations with outstanding aesthetic value. The app provides pressure sensitive tools in a large variety along with the other features like onion skinning, wide color palettes, four sets of frame rates, file manager, efficient frame manager, background images and so much more. Professional artists would love the varied features available with the app. However, this app is not free and the users need to buy it to use it.

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Eliza Martin